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Below is a list of our most recent blog postings. You'll find presentation skill articles as well as tips and postings of recent team building events.

Upcoming Presentation Skills Classes

Tweet Public speaking training is, by far, the most lucrative and rewarding type of training that a person can attend. Leaders who have great public speaking skills get promoted faster, have higher esteem from coworkers, and earn over 30% more income, on average, than people who feel public speaking fear. Want to be a fearless […]

Leadership Skill Development Leads to Success

Tweet This is a new video by Doug Staneart on how Leadership Skill Development Leads to Success. I’ve been teaching leadership training for almost 20 years, and since I started my first coaching session, I’ve been asking groups a single question — “What are the characteristics that successful people possess that ‘less than successful people’ […]

Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program Gives Back to Community

TweetLeadership training programs sponsored by local Chambers of Commerce are very common, but programs that grow on their own, separate from the Chamber are much more rare. Leadership Tyler is one of the exceptions, because they offer a quality leadership program and often have a waiting list for months with people who are wanting to […]

WNCN News Story about Build-A-Bike at University of North Carolina

Tweet One of senior instructors, Dan Eckelman, facilitated a Build-A-Bike ® team building workshop for the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill a couple of days ago, and one of the local news stations decided to cover the event. UNC organized the event for their MBA students as a way to develop leadership among the […]

Video-Just Do It Later and Missed Opportunities

Tweet) Video of Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader’s Institute, in Jamaica talking about the difference between missed opportunities and capitalizing on opportunities when they first appear to increase your success. Below is a transcript of the video. Hey everybody, this is Doug Staneart with The Leader’s Institute, and I’m in Falmouth, Jamaica today. One […]

Wells Fargo Build-A-Bike Dallas, TX

TweetWells Fargo was having a leadership summit at the Omni Hotel and Convention Center in Dallas. Their theme this year includes focus on their end customer and managing risk in an extremely scrutinized regulated environment. It is a group of very competitive, very driven managers historically focused on profit but now have to learn to […]

Video-Make What You Love Your Career for Success

Tweet In this success video, The Leader’s Institute CEO, Doug Staneart, talks about how the most successful people in the world are those who find something that they love to do and then make that their career. Transcript: Hi, this is Doug Staneart with another leadership tip from The Leader’s Institute®. The old saying is […]

Home Depot Build-A-Bike Savannah, Georgia

TweetThe Home Depot Distribution center for the Southeastern United States was looking for a way to enhance their team network among departments, so they chose the Leaders Institute to do a team building workshop. They wanted the best of both worlds, a fun team event that would also provide some type of learning take away. […]

Met Life Insurance Build-A-Bike Charlotte, NC

TweetThe Met Life insurance company  assembled in Charlotte NC for their annual conference of marketing personnel and chose the Leaders Institute to facilitate a team buildiing event upon their leading reputation. The group was composed of marketing managers from around the country and was unique as it  included the Senoir Vice President who wanted to be […]

Johnson and Johnson Global Headquarters Build-A-Bike New Brunswick, New jersey

TweetJohnson and Johnson had experienced many successful team building events with the Leaders Institute and decided to keep up the tradition by having them perform another Build-A-Bike team event. This particular event was held at the Global Headquarters in New Brunswick New Jersey in mid December in order to leave their employees with a valuable team […]

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