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High Impact Leaders
Leadership and Management Development Seminar

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How do some people make everything look so easy?
Why are some people always at the top of the short-list for promotions?
How do they speak so confidently and have “natural” leadership skills?

Hard-Skills are valuable and important in your current position.
Soft-Skills are important to getting you to the NEXT level!

Hard-Skills valuable at Current Level.

Working Professionals (whether an entrepreneur, an executive, a supervisor, or a front-line worker) create value for their companies in two ways. “Hard-Skills” is a term for the technical knowledge about a specific role that is developed over time and applied for the benefit of the company and coworkers. Since these Hard-Skills are specific to a certain role, they aren’t transferable to other roles within an organization. For example, if a computer technician spends a lot of time developing an expertise in a certain software package, and then a new software package is released, those hard skills that made him/her successful may not carryover. Those skills certainly won’t be as helpful if the technician changes jobs outside of the technical field.

Soft-Skills valuable at the NEXT Level!

“Soft Skills”, on the other hand are transferable to any role within an organization and important to a person’s success within each role. Soft-Skills include communication skills, self-confidence, management and leadership skills, problem-solving, and more. Soft-Skills are vital across all levels of an organization, across all functions within an organization, and are also important across different cultures. In a multinational organization, these skills are essential to a person’s success. Most recruiters and executives believe that soft-skills can not be developed or learned, so for the most part, when they look for someone to fill a position, they look for people who already possess these “natural” soft-skills, because the technical hard-skills can easily be developed with additional training. Soft-Skills are always a big part the working professional’s KRA’s (Key Result Areas).

“This is the first course that I have been through where I took away techniques and processes that I can easily apply to my personal and professional life. The greatest thing about this course is that it is easily tailored to the experiences of the group.” –Todd Hagood, Spawglass Const. Corp., PM

What this Leadership Development Class Covers

The High Impact Leaders seminar is a powerful leadership training seminar that focuses on developing soft-skills that help participants become stronger, more confident leaders and managers. Skills focused on in this program include public speaking, listening and communicating, people skills and how to motivate people, memory, problem-solving, meeting skills, and the ability to develop more leaders within the organization.

Benefits to the Participant Benefits to the Company
  1. Increased Self-Confidence
  2. Eliminate Public Speaking Fear
  3. Become Even More “Promotable”
  4. Reduce Conflicts
  5. Capitalize on Opportunities Faster
  6. Become a Better Coach
  7. Increase Your Value as a Professional
  1. Promote from Within
  2. Lower Employee Acquisition Costs
  3. Create a Team Culture
  4. Reduce Conflicts
  5. Reduce Office Politics
  6. Increase Efficiency
  7. Increase Productivity

Classes meet from 8 AM to 4 PM for two consecutive days with a one-hour lunch break each day. Tuition includes all materials and instruction and also includes the ability to come back to a future class to qualify for the Leadership Development Certificate given to participants who demonstrate real-world application of the leadership skills and management skills developed in the seminar.

Day 1

  • Program Overview (How to tap untapped potential and recognize opportunities.)
  • How to Remember Names — Become the Center of Influence.
  • Speak with Self-Confidence / Eliminate Public Speaking Fear.
  • Three Simple Ways to Improve Memory. (Most people equate a good memory with intelligence.)
  • Seven Ways to Build Trust and Rapport with Others.
  • How to become a better listener.
      Lunch Break
  • Communicate in a Clear & Concise Way.
  • Ten Secrets to More Impactful Meetings.
  • Team Problem Solving that Avoids Office Politics and Gains Consensus.
  • Seven Ways to Deal with Difficult People.
  • Conflict Resolution that Improves Morale.

Day 2

  • Seven Ways to Gain Enthusiastic Cooperation.
  • How to Design and Deliver a Persuade Speech.
  • Be more Assertive. Add Enthusiasm to your Ideas.
  • How to Influence People. Anchor Positive Behavior.
      Lunch Break
  • Seven Ways to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders.
  • Report on Leadership Skills
  • Think and Speak on Your Feet when Under Pressure (Impromptu Speaking).
  • Impact of the program on the bottom-line.

“This program has helped me to create a better working atmosphere where employees are encouraged, praised, and empowered, and they feel like they are each important and valued.” –Ralph Marquez, Beck, Area Mgr

Tuition and Class Schedule

Tuition for the High Impact Leaders Seminar is just $997 per person. Two or more people may attend for just $947 per person. Our best value is a five-person group for just $2500 total.

Schedule of Upcoming Seminars

  • San Francisco, CA — Sep 29-30, 2011 San Francisco, Westin SFO
  • Manhattan, NY — Oct 20-21, 2011 New York, Park Central Hotel
  • Houston, Texas — Nov 10-11, 2011 Houston, Texas, Sheraton IAH
  • Las Vegas, Nevada — Dec 1-2, 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada, The Flamingo Casino
  • Chicago, Illinois — Jan 19-20, 2012 Chicago, Illinois, Four Points Sheraton Rush Street
  • Washington DC — Feb 16-17, 2012 Washington, DC, St. Gregory Hotel
  • San Francisco, CA — Mar 15-16, 2012 San Francisco, Westin SFO
  • Manhattan, NY — Apr 19-20, 2012 New York, Park Central Hotel
  • Houston, Texas — May 17-18, 2012 Houston, Texas, Sheraton IAH
  • Las Vegas, Nevada — Jun 14-15, 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada, The Flamingo Casino
  • Chicago, Illinois — July 19-20, 2012 Chicago, Illinois, Four Points Sheraton Rush Street
  • Washington DC — Aug 16-17, 2012 Washington, DC, Embassy Suites DC
  • San Francisco, CA — Sep 13-14, 2012 San Francisco, Westin SFO
  • Manhattan, NY — Oct 18-19, 2012 New York, Park Central Hotel
  • Houston, Texas — Nov 8-9, 2012 Houston, Texas, Sheraton IAH
  • Las Vegas, Nevada — Dec 6-7, 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada, The Flamingo Casino

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$2,500 for Team of Five People

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2011 Sep 29-30 San Francisco
2011 Oct 20-21 New York
2011 Nov 10-11 Houston
2011 Dec 1-2 Las Vegas
2012 Jan 19-20 Chicago
2012 Feb 16-17 Washington DC
2012 Mar 15-16 San Francisco
2012 Apr 19-20 New York
2012 May 17-18 Houston
2012 Jun 14-15 Las Vegas
2012 Jul 19-20 Chicago
2012 Aug 16-17 Washington DC
2012 Sep 13-14 San Francisco
2012 Oct 18-19 New York
2012 Nov 8-9 Houston
2012 Dec 6-7 Las Vegas

“The interactive nature of this class transformed this from a seminar to a true learning experience.” – Jodi Steenbergen, Naperville, IL

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