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Leadership Course

High Impact Leaders
Leadership Course and Management Development Seminar

leadership courseHigh Impact Leaders is a powerful leadership course focusing on soft-skills that help participants become more confident leaders and managers. While technical skills and knowledge are important to start you on the road to success, the “soft skills” like communication and leadership skills will speed you down that road much more quickly. Skills focused on in this program include public speaking, listening and communicating, people skills and how to motivate people, memory, problem-solving, meeting skills, and the ability to develop more leaders within the organization. This program is composed of over 30 different one-hour leadership modules, so it can be easily customized to fit the specific needs and time frame of your company! (Add a Pre and Post Assessment to the program for added value.

Key Soft Skills (Outcomes) Developed in this Leadership Course.

  • Better Memory: We are going to teach you an EASY way to remember names. We’ll also show you how to unlock the photographic memory receptors to improve your memory ten-fold!
  • Eliminate Public Speaking Fear: Almost 1/3 of this class is set aside to help you increase your self-confidence when you stand up and speak. You will carry yourself with poise and confidence after this class.
  • People Skills: Much of the class is centered around dealing with people better. We’ll show you how to build rapport with people more quickly, reduce conflicts, and motive others.
  • Meeting Skills: If you are like most business people, you spend a lot of time in unproductive meetings. The class teaches turn-key meeting skills that will help you lead shorter and more productive meetings.
  • Build a Team Culture: We’ll show you a few secrets that will help you gain enthusiastic cooperation from others. In addition, these strategies will help you build a culture of teamwork.
  • Succession Planning: Ultimately, the real benefit of this course is that you are helping to build the next generation of leaders within your organization!

Classes meet from 8 AM to 4 PM for two consecutive days with a one-hour lunch break each day. Tuition includes all materials and instruction and also includes the ability to come back to a future class to qualify for the Leadership Development Certificate given to participants who demonstrate real-world application of the leadership skills and management skills developed in the seminar.

“This program has helped me to create a better working atmosphere where employees are encouraged, praised, and empowered, and they feel like they are each important and valued.” –Ralph Marquez, Beck, Area Mgr

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Need a program that is custom or tailored to your specific needs?

All of our programs are composed of one-hour modules that can be custom tailored to any need. Whether you have months to plan or need something ASAP, our specialists can create a custom program quickly to fit your specific situation! We have a custom workshop profile in which, after answering just a few questions, we can create a program specifically for your group — from scratch!

“The interactive nature of this class transformed this from a seminar to a true learning experience.” — Jodi Steenbergen, Naperville, IL

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