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Free Presentation Tips

Below is a list of just a few sample free public speaking tips published by the instructors of Fearless Presentations ®. The Leader’s Institute ® website has HUNDREDS of self-help presentation tip articles that can help you eliminate stage fright and learn to write and deliver better presentations, and the articles are listed randomly below. […]

10 Ways to Eliminate Public Speaking Fear

The following is an excerpt from Chapter One of the public speaking training book Fearless Presentations published by The Leader’s Institute. You can purchase the entire public speaking training book from our website by clicking here. 10 Ways to Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety & Fear of Public Speaking PART 2: (View Part 1) The big […]

Free Public Speaking Tips

Free Public Speaking Tips: Eliminate Public Speaking Fear and Presentation Anxiety Tips to Ease Public Speaking Anxiety and Presentation Fear. The following is an excerpt from Chapter One of the book Fearless Presentations published by The Leader’s Institute®. In this chapter, Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader’s Institute®, reveals 10 Free Public Speaking Tips about […]

You Are the Undisputed Expert, So Now Prove It

Regardless of what industry that you are in or what expertise that you have, you first have to realize that you are the expert at something, and the knowledge that you have is valuable to someone. When I was 14 years old, my dad owned a home remodeling company, and every winter, I crawled under […]

Speaking Skills Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety

One of the easiest ways to reduce public speaking anxiety is to strengthen your speaking skills. The fear of standing up and giving a presentation to your peers is still of the biggest anxieties that plagues the business world, but it is a simple challenge to overcome by strengthening your public speaking. In fact, with […]

Don’t Make Yourself Obsolete!

How many times have you sat through a seemingly unending presentation that used slides, wishing you were in the dentist’s chair getting a root canal instead? Many people in the working world where slide presentations are used seem to have forgotten one of the golden rules of making a good presentation: Don’t make yourself obsolete! […]

How to Engage Your Audience From the Very Start in Presentations

Quick Presentation Skills Tip We all want to deliver presentations that will engage our audience from the moment a presentation begins, but there’s something you can do to capture your audience’s attention before the presentation even starts. Have a great title. The key to a great title is to include the result of the presentation […]

June through August Public Speaking Class Schedule

Upcoming Public Speaking Classes Below is a list of the upcoming Fearless Presentations ® presentation skills courses in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Fearless Presentations ® is a 2-Day public speaking course that is held in select cities all over the world, so if you don’t see your city below, just visit the seminar […]

Presentation Skills Checklist

When folks go through our presentation skills classes, they are often surprised at how simple we make designing and delivering fairly complex presentations. In fact, one of the things that we cover in the Fearless Presentations class is how to design an entire presentation, from start to finish, complete with a slide deck in fifteen […]

PowerPoint Tip Video-Use Pictures Properly to Better Explain Your Presentation

PowerPoint Tip Video: Use Pictures Properly to Better Explain Your Presentation This is PowerPoint Tip #6 of Ten in the PowerPoint Tip Video Series. Pictures can add a lot of clarity to your presentation, but only when we use them properly. Pictures just for decoration sake can add confusion, but remember that a picture is […]