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Identifying the System Players On Your Team

In the sports world, people often refer to System Players – people that may not be athletic superstars, but that perform well in the context of the team. These players have skills that complement their team members well, and that makes them valuable assets. The best coaches realize the potential of these players, helping them […]

Build Trust at Work

Did you know that you can buy trust? Oxytocin is a human pheromone that, when released, increases feelings of trust. The producers of Liquid Trust (you can find it on Amazon) claim that spraying their product on board room tables or documents can give you an extra edge in business. But you don’t have to […]

How to Win the Confidence and Loyalty of Your Team

Having the confidence and loyalty of your team makes your job easier. No second-guessing, no arguing, no fights, and minimal turnover. What’s not to like? You might not admit it, but it’s easier to get things done when employees believe in you. I bet you wouldn’t be as stressed if you didn’t have to serve […]

5 Signs Your Team Needs a Teambuilding Event

The word “Teambuilding” alone is enough to get some rolling their eyes and checking their calendar for a scheduling conflict. And while many of our first thoughts of teambuilding go to a comical episode of The Office or a YouTube video of an exercise gone wrong, the process of teambuilding, in whatever form it takes, […]

To Re-engage a Team, Refresh, Refocus, and Reinvent

Teams come in different shapes and sizes, and serve various purposes. When you’re lucky enough to have a team that’s been together for a while or worked on multiple projects, one of the difficulties can be to re-engage a team. Downtime can be great; you can consider it like an “off-season,” but what to do […]

Good Leadership Change Whiners and Pessimists into Top Performers

A pessimist can bring down a whole team without trying. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the pessimists in your team completely. In some cases, these people can add a touch of realism into an overly optimistic team. As a leader, you have two options here: Good leadership can change whiners and pessimists into […]

Create More Big Wins by Celebrating Your Team’s Small Wins

Company leaders always want to celebrate those big wins, but you’ll actually create more big wins by celebrating your team’s small wins. About 65% of employees don’t feel valued by their boss, according to a study by CareerBuilder, and this attitude is often created because employers often overlook the normal, day-to-day successes of their employees. […]

Three Stereotype Shattering Strategies to Unite a Diverse Team

Gone are the days when it’s normal to see offices mostly filled with people from the same town, age group, and university. Now, it’s normal for an office to have a 50-year old mid-level employee supervised by a fresh from business school 30-year old. That’s not even considering the diversity of religion, race, gender, political […]

New Website for our Team Building Company

We are really excited to announce that our team building website located at http://www.leadersinstituteteambuilding.com/ got a face-lift this past week. Although we have used this website to promote our team building programs for years, the new site will be much more focused on being a library for good team building tips, articles, and videos. So, […]

Build a Team Boosted with Creativity

Many companies are focusing on building a team with creativity these days.  Why? Creativity pays off in a lot of ways.  Whether you’re building a sales team, expanding product offerings, or encouraging a team atmosphere, put on your creative thinking cap to do business in a different way. Stimulate your sales team. People who can […]

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