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team building activitiesWe deliver fun Team Building Events and Activities and Games including both indoor and outdoor team events. Whether you are looking for distraction from the status quo or an effective way to strengthen communication, rapport, and teamwork among your group, The Leader’s Institute® specialists have a solution to fit your needs. Our workshops are designed so that they keep the entire group active for the entire event whether your group size is 50 or 5000 people strong. We offer both indoor activities and outdoor team events and retreats, and our programs are designed to fit your specific time frames. These programs are…

  • Composed of one-hour modules to fit any time frame from one-hour to four-days.
  • ½-Day Programs to add fun or energy to your meeting or convention
  • 1-Day and 2-Day Activities to help create behavior change
  • or All-Inclusive Retreats for something more memorable!

Click for our Top Fun Team Building Events

Team Building Activities and Games:

Build-A-BikeBuild-A-Bike Workshop®: Your group must use their wits & creativity to build bicycles for charity in a race against time. Build-A-Bike ® is the original bike team building event and the first, trend-setting, philanthropic activity that is both fun and informative. When the kids rush into the room to receive their bikes at the conclusion, emotions are high and your participants will thank you over and over.
(Download the Build-A-Bike Brochure)

The Ace Race Mini-Golf for CharityThe Ace Race Mini-Golf for Charity: Have a bunch of golfers who always skip out on parts of your convention to catch 18 holes? Then the Ace Race Mini-Golf for Charity is for you. We will divide you up into groups who will each build a custom golf course out of non-perishable food items like canned goods and macaroni and cheese boxes. Once the course is built, the competition begins and the energy is high. After the fun, the “course” is donated to a local food bank.

Rescue Bear Teddy Bear WorkshopRescue Bear Workshop®: Your participants will identify hidden talents of their coworkers while they build teddy bears that are donated to firefighters who, in-turn, give them to kids who have been involved in a traumatic event. The activities in this workshop are based loosely on personality temperaments, but the activities are fun and very interactive, and this event will keep your group laughing as they learn.
(Download the Rescue Bear Workshop Brochure)

Comedy Improv TrainingFarce — Comedy Improv Training: Whose Line is It Anyway? Have your group train with professional comedians to learn the secrets of thinking and speaking on their feet to create a fun and funny comedy skit. These are the same activities that acting schools use to get their actors-to-be to improve communication (both verbal and non-verbal).
(Download the Comedy Improv Brochure)

creating a team cultureCreating a Team Culture: Want to create a fun atmosphere in a short time? This workshop combines classroom learning and high-energy activities to create a positive behavior change in your group. This workshop is composed of one-hour modules, so it can be customized for your group’s needs.
(Download the Brochure)

The Camaraderie QuestTeam Scavenger HuntThe Camaraderie Quest: Want to build camaraderie while sharpening creative thinking skills? This high-tech scavenger hunt is a blast, and every hunt is custom built for your group. Each quest combines the historical aspects of each unique location with the fun antics of your group for a truly unique activity every single time.
(Download the Camaraderie Quest Brochure)

Murder MysteryCharade — The Murder Mystery Activity: Are you a CSI or Sherlock Holmes fan? Enjoy a little who done it? in an event where one of your executives gets murdered and everyone is a suspect. A hilarious take on murder mystery theater. When your suspects get into character and embrace their “criminal” side, the hilarity ensues.
(Download the Charade Murder Mystery Brochure)

Charity Team Building? Indoor or Outdoor Activity?

If you are not exactly sure what type of activity that you are looking for yet, or if you feel a little overwhelmed, click the link below based on the purpose of your meeting, and we’ll make a few suggestions.

  • Convention or Annual Meeting? A Charity Team Building event will likely fit the bill. These events are fun and high energy, and they have an emotional impact when your group donates the proceeds to a local charity.
  • Is Your Group Having Challenges? Is your company going through a merger or downsizing? Have you noticed miscommunication or other challenges? Then Indoor Activities will likely get you better “behavior change”.
  • Outdoor Activities? Looking to get out of the office and have some fun? A few of our events have specifically been designed for Outdoor venues.
  • Looking for an All-Inclusive Package? Then try one of our Retreats. These packages include a combination of fun, classroom training and a charity event as well as food and overnight stay if necessary. Let us be your event planner.

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