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Hot Diggity (Dog) Team Building

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 Hot Diggity Team Building Event

Hot Diggity (Dog)

The Hot Diggity (Dog) Team Building Event Benefiting Animal Shelters is our newest philanthropic team building activity, and it is quickly becoming very popular with some of our best clients. The main focus of this team building program is to improve communication — both verbally ad non-verbally — among team members. Participants must navigate through a self-made obstacle course blindfolded while other team members give directions. It is fast-paced and hilarious.

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by Teonna Earp on Hot Diggity (Dog)

We loved it!!!!!

The biggest challenge is that, when blindfolded, it becomes more difficult to understand which of your coworkers are directing you and which are directing other teams. As participants navigate the course, they will be directed to pick up items strewn throughout the obstacles. These items are supplies for animal shelters, and the items include food bowls, toys, chew sticks, and the like. Many groups like to add in a cash donation to the shelters as well, but that is optional.

Create an Emotional Ending with a Unique Charity

If you want your Hot Diggity to end with a bang, you can choose to donate the items to a unique charity. Two of our favorite charities are the Seeing Eye® organization and Paws for Veterans. Keep in mind that the needs of these organizations are unique, so the investment may be a little more for these activities. In addition, some cities won’t have local chapters. However, if you’d like to work with these, or any other specific charity, just let us know. We will make every effort to work with your choice of organizations.

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