Aerocrine Build-A-Bike Morrisville, NC

Build-A-Bike ®


Aerocrine, a medical device company located in Raleigh, Durham Chapel Hill area was looking for a team building solution and requisitioned the Leaders Institute to help them bond their new inside team. Joanne Zellner found that the Leaders Institute had many team building activities and chose the Build-A-Bike ® team event to instill a cohesive team atmosphere. The Build-A-Bike event utilizes exercises that challenge the participants to learn how to look at new ways of coming up with solutions vs. the old ways of solving problems. The Build-A-Bike event also provides the opportunity for the teams to learn how to cooperate and utilize their individual strengths for optimum performance. The event begins with a memory exercise that illustrates how new ways of thinking yield better results, then the participants are divided into groups with a truth or dare/musical chair exercise that is fun and divisive at the same time. The groups are formed after the disc exercise and tasked to invent a team name, team cheer and team flag. The groups are judged on their enthusiastic, creativity and originality and the winning team is awarded a head start in the actual bike building portion of the event. After the teams race feverishly to solve their clues to obtain the bike parts to complete their bikes, the local charity which was the Boys and Girls Club of Durham NC would come in and be presented with girls and boys 20″ bikes. The children are present at the event to receive the bikes as a charitable donation. If you are looking for a fun team building event that can provide a long lasting impression on your work force, the Leaders Institute has many team building events to suit your needs.