As part of a week long conference, pharmaceutical wholesaler HD Smith participated in a Build-A-Bike ® team building event at the gorgeous St. Regis near Los Angeles California. The conference was filled with many meetings and sessions with various objectives. One hundred and twenty five HD Smith employees gathered to take part in the event from seven locations across the country. There was a mixture of employees who were familiar with each other and those that had never met. This provided a great opportunity to work on the company’s goals of improving teamwork and leadership skills.

The one hundred and twenty five HD Smith employees were broken into teams to participate in the challenges of the Build-A-Bike event. The teams were encouraged to creatively come up with solutions to the events tasks. The event really helps teams to bond and open up lines of communication. One of the underlying messages of the conference was turning mission into action and the event gave a great opportunity to put that into practice. With only an hour to complete the event the teams were under pressure to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Though it was a challenge the HD Smith teams took it head on completing eighteen brand new bicycles.

The conference also focused on caring for your community. While the participants from HD Smith had fun and enhanced their teamwork and leadership skills, they also made a contribution to their community. The eighteen bikes built by the teams were donated to the Big Brother’s Big Sisters of Orange County. Unfortunately the kids were not able to be there to receive the bikes which is always a fun part of the Build-A-Bike event. A representative from Big Brother’s Big Sisters received the bikes later as part of a dinner reception. Between the beautiful location, enthusiastic teams and the fun and learning during the event, HD Smith hosted a wonderful Build-A-Bike ® team building event. Thank you to all the participants and all the employees of HD Smith.