During their annual meeting in San Diego California, the software developers at Intuit hosted a Build-A-Bike ® team building event ® to build teamwork and have fun. The developers behind such well known software as Quicken and TurboTax hosted their annual meeting at a beautiful location overlooking the Pacific ocean. Fifty five employees participated in the day and a half long meeting that wrapped up with the Build-A-Bike event. The employees were mostly from California and Texas with a few remote employees. Most of the employees already knew each other but there were varying levels of acquaintance within the group. The employees were divided into diverse teams that included members from different locations, job functions and seniority.

One of the goals that the developers from Intuit had for the event was to learn how to better use their teammates strengths to accomplish their goals. The Build-A-Bike Event encourages employees to learn about the members of their team and be open to new ideas from any source. The event’s tasks challenge participants to find the best use of their teammates resources to accomplish the task quickly and efficiently. The Intuit team was a great group that had a lot of fun and were even poking fun at each other during the event. Despite the fact that the event is not inherently competitive, the teams continued to challenge that. Being competitive is a natural response when broken up into teams and presented with challenges. As long as teammates don’t get too caught up in the internal competition it can be a great motivator, provided everyone remembers they are all still on the same team. The Intuit employees had no problem with this as they were all very easy going and fun.

The Intuit developers built eight brand new bicycles which were donated to the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego. Besides building teamwork and leadership skills, the Build-A-Bike Team Building Event ® also gives participants the rewarding feeling of giving back to their community. One of the children was so excited at the idea of getting his very first bike that he was bouncing up and down. Presenting the bikes to the children at the end of the event is always an emotional and rewarding way to close. Thank you very much to all the Intuit employees who participated in a fun and educational Build-A-Bike Team Building Event ®.