At the headquarters of their international internet security company in San Francisco, California Cloud Mark employees from across the globe participated in a Build-A-Bike. Cloud Mark makes it’s home in San Francisco but also has offices in Europe and Asia. Being spread out among several offices, communication and creating team can be challenging. Coming together to work through the team building exercises of the Build-A-Bike® team building event can help any company get to know each other better and build a stronger team. Sixty Cloud Mark employees gathered for this event and were committed to working together and using all of their unique and individual talents.

The software technicians were an energetic group with distinct personalities. Bringing their employees together for a challenging and exciting event helped them to bond as a company and develop their teamwork and leadership skills. As they worked through the challenges offered by the Build-A-Bike Team Building event, they learned how to rely upon each other, break down any walls that hindered communication and find the most efficient ways to complete the challenges. They learned that coming together as a team has everyone winning in the end.

On top of learning valuable teamwork and leadership skills, employees were also able to help out the San Francisco Boys and Girls Club through their efforts. The team succeeded in building and donating 10 bikes that will go towards helping children to enjoy their youth. Reinforcing the lessons of the workshop, donating the bikes taught Cloud Mark employees the value of giving back to their community. One of those lucky kids might grow up to work with Cloud Mark as a software technician!

Just like the challenges in the Build-A-Bike Team Building event the charitable aspect showed employees how helping out their community benefits the company as well. Cloud Mark was able to strengthen their company bonds while having fun and making a difference. Thank you Cloud Mark for a great time!

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