The Division of University Advancement for Colorado State University held a Build-A-Bike ® team building event to encourage close teamwork for their fundraising campaigns and gave it a very unique twist when all one hundred and fifteen participants showed up in costume. The days events followed this tone as the group was very fun and light hearted. While they declared that they were a very competitive bunch the overall camaraderie of the team couldn’t help but to shine through as they worked together. All of the participants were very familiar with each other so the teams were able to focus on creatively solving the challenges of the event.

The Division of University Advancement decided to host the Build-A-Bike event because it is very similar to a fundraising campaign they are working on. The division is focused on building programs to bring more funding into the school and they have had a great deal of success already. By participating in the event the teams were able to draw practical lessons for their own efforts while also building even stronger bonds within their team. The event helps to break down communication barriers so all members of a team recognize their contribution. The fun atmosphere of the event lets the participants learn more about each other and working as a team.

Aside from sharpening their teamwork and leadership skills and learning new strategies to build on, the Build-A-Bike event also gave the Advancement division a great opportunity to contribute to their local community. The teams successfully built sixteen brand new bicycles which were donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County. Presenting the bikes to the kids is always an emotional part of the event but when the kids of the Boys and Girls Club sang a song to thank the Colorado State team there were quite a few misty eyes in the crowd. The Division of University Advancement at Colorado State certainly hosted a fantastic Build-A-Bike Team Building Event. Thanks to all that participated.