Hire a Team Building Consultant or Build Teamwork In House?

Team Building Tips


This Leader’s Institute ® video gives tips on when you should hire a team building consultant to do company team building and when you’ll get a better result by conducting the team building exercises in house.   Doug Staneart, a keynote speaker and author of the book 28 Ways to Influence People, explains how when your group is smaller and you are looking for a “shared experience” type of event, then it is more cost effective and beneficial to conduct your team training in house, but you’ll want to bring in a hired gun when your group size grows or if you are looking for behavior change in your group.

When to Hire a Team Building Consultant

You mainly have to ask two questions?

  1. How big is the group? The smaller the group, the easier it is to build a fun shared experience without help from an outside consultant. As the group gets larger, though, the difficulty in pulling the event off flawlessly will increase. We suggest hiring a team building consultant for any group size bigger than, say, 35 people.
  2. What result are you expecting? If the end result is to just have a fun activity, then any good facilitator will have a good chance at having a success. However, if the team is experiencing challenges, and you are looking to fix these challenges, you might opt for a professional facilitator.

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