Davidson College, Davidson N.C. a committed institution to developing their talents for lives of leadership and service, needed a team building event for the students involved in the Scholars for Civic Engagement organization. Kristen Booher had done her research and found that the Leaders Institute had the perfect team building program for her students. The 70 students were not sure what to expect seeing the floor arrangement that included unassembled bikes at the front of the room. The participants filed in the room and were asked to form a circle in which they were informed that new ways of learning created better team results, this was demonstrated with a memory exercise that amazed the students as they found their memory skills increased dramatically! The participants were then divided into groups where their team and leadership skills would come to play. The groups were tasked to come up with a, team name, team flag and team cheer, eventually the teams would be competing against each other in a cheer off to win the chance to begin building their bikes with a 30 second head start. You could see the teams working together with excitement creating their identities and practicing team cheers. After their amazingly creative cheer performances the groups were given their envelopes of clues to be solved to be redeemed for the bike parts needed to complete a full bike. The groups raced to complete their Build-A-Bike challenge of building 10 bicycles that were given to 10 children of the Trips for Kids organization lead by Michael Camp. The Kids rushed in, enthusiastic, with big smiles on to claim their bikes. The Student participants were filled with a sense of awe as they watched. If you are looking for a unique team building event with a charity component, The Leaders’ Institute has many team building activities that will fit your needs.