Da Vita hosts Build-A-Bike event in Dallas, Texas

Build-A-Bike ®


Based in Dallas, Texas DaVita is a leader in the field of kidney dialysis and is a fortune 500 company. Maintaining strong leadership skills and teamwork throughout the company is essential to be successful in their industry. Through the participation of sixty employees in the Build-A-Bike ® team building event 10 bicycles were built and donated to the Boys & Girls club of Greater Dallas. Moved by the strength of their new found leadership skills and teamwork, employees pooled together enough money to purchase 10 more bicycles for the children of Greater Dallas.

The workshop is a challenging and exciting event that went wonderfully for the sixty deft and dexterous folks from DaVita that participated in the Build-A-Bike ® team building event. Participants were required to decipher codes and solve puzzles in order to find and acquire the resources needed to build their bicycles. DaVita’s main theme for the workshop was “Pay it Forward”. They sought to improve retention and teamwork through their meeting with a focus on the good they can do within the community and their own Village.

99% of the participants were either from the Oklahoma City or Dallas – Fort Worth area, however the varying backgrounds did not stop them from working together. Competition is an unavoidable and necessary aspect of life, especially in the fields of science and medicine where competition can lead to better products and health discoveries for the general populace. However, when competition begins to consume its participants, no gains are made and working as a team becomes forgotten. Fortunately, embracing the idea of the company as a village with the CEO as mayor, the tenants of DaVita “SITCAFF”: service excellence, integrity, team, continuous improvement, accountability, fulfillment, and fun were fully realized during this event, making it a success. At a meeting held following the event team walked away with more than just “a shirt”- a new sense of togetherness was created along with feelings and memories that will live on with the employees of DaVita.

Thank you Davita for hosting a truly unique and rewarding team building event in Dallas!