When one of the biggest names in video games wanted to host an event to promote teamwork within their marketing department, they decided to participate in a Build-A-Bike ® team building event. Over sixty employees of Electronic Arts marketing department gathered in San Francisco California to participate in an event that would help improve their teamwork and leadership skills. The participants were mainly from the local area however they had a few people from Canada and Europe so the opportunity to gather really helped the company come together and enhance their teamwork and leadership skills.

Most of the participants were younger so the event definitely had a fast and energetic pace to it. While the Build-A-Bike ® team building event is not designed to be a competition the Electronic Arts marketing department wanted to keep score. So while they worked through the challenges of the event they tallied up points and combined them with events they had completed earlier in the day. And the competition certainly spurred them on. They ripped through the challenges very quickly then worked on constructing their bikes. Even though the event was a competition their great teamwork shined through when the Electronic Arts employees helped their opposing teams to complete the challenges, once the points were tallied of course.

The talented employees at Electronic Arts were very impressive in constructing their bikes. While the event lasted under two hours, the teams involved came away with valuable lessons about teamwork and working together to give back to the community. Their hard work was paid off when the teams presented twelve brand new bikes to children from the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula. Seeing the faces of the boys and girls with their new bikes was a great reward for the participants teamwork regardless of who won the competition. This was a perfect example of how competition within the workplace can be beneficial as long as the overall goal is kept as the highest priority. Thank you to the Electronic Arts marketing department for having an interesting and rewarding Build-A-Bike ® team building event.

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