As part of a company wide effort to unify all employees towards the company’s goals and core values, Fisher & Paykel employees gathered in Huntington Beach to participate in a two and a half day leadership conference that included the Build-A-Bike ® team building event. Fisher & Paykel is an appliance design and manufacturing company from New Zealand that started in 1933. They expanded to Irvine California in 1997 and have grown into two distinct brands. The eighty six employees participating in the event came from many different locations within the United States and also included nine international employees.

Fisher & Paykel started an initiative in late 2011 that involved unifying the Services, Sales and Marketing departments that had previously lacked in communication. With Fisher & Paykel’s renewed dedication to becoming ONE company they set about to rebuilding the lines of communication and teamwork between the departments. Over the course of the conference the employees also participated in workshops designed to build bridges between departments. In many situations departments may become so focused on their own goals that they forget their role in the company as a whole. Building bridges between departments and employees helped the employees to remember that they are all working towards ONE goal.

The open lines of communication definitely helped them to solve the challenges of the Build-A-Bike ® team building event. The employees had a great time as they used teamwork to build fourteen bikes for the Boys and Girls Club of Fountain Valley. The kids were also given t-shirts imprinted with some of the company’s values including ‘Commitment’ ‘Culture’ and ‘Fun’. The teamwork and leadership skills workshop was especially meaningful for one employee who received his very first bicycle at an event like this. He even mentioned having the same exact reaction when he received his bike as one of the boys at this event. It really shows how working together not just as a company but as a community pays long lasting benefits. Hopefully the memorable event will help to align the employees to Fisher & Paykel’s ONE vision. Many thanks to the employees of Fisher & Paykel for hosting a very memorable Build-A-Bike ® team building event.