Over 70 employees from Flowserve Corporation came together at the Hilton El Conquistador Hotel and Resort for a Structures Charity Team Building Event in which 7 very nice doll houses were assembled and given to young ladies from the Tucson YMCA. The event was filled with fun, interaction and even some learning. The participants were involved in several activities which finally resulted in the building of the 7 doll houses. The houses are very good quality and will be enjoyed by the YMCA members, with several of the doll houses being used as raffle items to raise money for the YMCA’s children’s summer camp programs. The event had some definite instruction but also gave a great feeling to the Flowserve members who were able to combine a fun learning experience with a great contribution to the community. It was a great experience to see the people working together for a common goal and to make such a generous donation.

Silos are great for storing corn, beans, wheat and whatever grain you have, but they are not so great as a working condition. In large international corporations, such as Flowserve, the different division, departments and locations get people locked into situations in which they get comfortable accessing only the resources they are comfortable and used to dealing with. The Structures Team Building Event is designed to help people break out of the silos and see the value of increasing their working resources. Every person is surrounded by talented people that can contribute when called upon. Every person has unique talents, gifts and abilities and can be utilized more effectively and efficiently. Too often we get used to doing things a certain way and need to be taught and reminded to reach out to others and use the invaluable talent around us that we may be overlooking. It isn’t just using the available resources around me to help me break out of my silo, but by capitalizing on the contributions of others I have helped them grow out of their silo as well. It is a win-win situation.

Thanks to Flowserve for a great event and for their generous contribution the the YMCA of Tucson.