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My Rich Uncle Thumbnail
💻 Virtual or In-Person | 👥 6-250+ People
My Rich Uncle is a zany race to uncover clues to unlock the briefcase of your eccentric and unbelievably wealthy Great Uncle Roland N. Cashe. Before he passed (God rest his soul,) he liquidated his estate and locked the entire proceeds in his briefcase. Uncle Roland will be laughing from above as your team tries to decipher his last will.
Poseidons Plunder Thumbnail
💻 Virtual Only | 👥 6-250+ People
Poseidon’s Plunder is modern-day treasure hunt where your team will virtually race around the world to find hidden pirate treasure. This is more than the average virtual escape room. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Clues to the treasure could be anywhere in the world. And your team will have a blast finding them.