Hero Quest Scavenger Hunt Team Building for Charity

Camaraderie Quest


This week, the last combat troops are returning from Iraq, so Merck decided to combine their annual team building event in Washington DC with a special Thank You for these returning troops. They decided to conduct a Hero Quest, which a version of our very popular scavenger hunt team building event — The Camaraderie Quest High Tech Team Building, and we had an absolute blast!

The Team met in their convention banquet hall, and they were divided into ten groups. The event planners at Merck were a blast to work with, and they decided to get each of the ten group a set of different colored sunglasses, so that when they saw each other on the scavenger hunt course, they’d know who the “enemy” was. Each group had a Camaraderie Quest Tool Kit that included a smart phone that was used to receive each task along the way, a digital camera to prove that each team had accomplish the task, a map, and an envelope full of cash to buy items for their soldiers gift boxes. Below are a few of the pictures that each team took during the event:

Scavenger Hunt Team Building

Posing with Elvis

Hero Quest Team Building for Soldiers

Historical Ford’s Theater

Team Scavenger Hunt

Hidden Fountain

Washington DC Team Building

Posing with Ben Franklin

You’ll notice in a lot of the photos that the teams are carrying bags of items. With over 100 people collecting just a little bit for each soldier gift box, we ended up with 30 gift boxes filled to the brim for soldiers still at war or returning from war. When the last box was completed, a roaring applause came from the group. We shipped of 200 lbs of gift boxes to Operation Shoebox for the soldiers. Everyone had a blast!