Many of the nation’s largest public and private companies have combined philanthropy with corporate team building for years. Philanthropic giving in general has been boosted by several technology fortunes, according to a recent USA Today article. But the great news is that you don’t have to be a Microsoft co-founder or a Facebook CEO to combine team building with corporate philanthropy.

In his first book, Compassionate Capitalism, CEO Marc Benioff insists philanthropy should be integrated into every business. Even if you aren’t running a Fortune 50 company or don’t have $20 million in corporate assets, your team can benefit from team building and philanthropy.

Where do you start? Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised – and relieved – to learn how turnkey our philanthropic team building workshops can be. Even though a workshop like Build-A-Bike may sound complicated because it has a lot of moving parts (literally and figuratively), we take care of most of the details including coordinating logistics with the receiving organization like Boys & Girls Club or local firefighters.

Even though the concept of philanthropic team building has been around for over a decade, there’s always a fresh crop of business owners or new managers looking for an effective way to impact their team. Everyone can take a cue from large corporations who are taking their giving efforts more seriously than ever before. They are making philanthropic team building a strategic part of their business because they see the impact these efforts are having. A recent pharmaceutical client explained the effectiveness after an interactive team building workshop: “The lines of communication, or lack thereof, where definitely highlighted with our group. Our current motto is ‘all the answers are in this room’. Now that we have clearly identified what needs help we can begin to evaluate how to improve it.”

So where do you start? Start with your next meeting. Find some way to add a philanthropic twist and your team building will be that much more memorable. People who participate in team building programs combined with philanthropy not only love it – they remember it along with the team building skills they learned long after the meeting has ended.

This article was written by Colette Johnston. Colette is a Corporate Team Building Consultant with The Leader’s Institute headquartered out of Dallas Texas. You can reach Colette at 800-872-7830.