About a year ago, I was teaching a Fearless Presentations class in Las Vegas, and toward the end of the class, one of the participants came up to me at a break to ask me about some of the other programs that we had listed on the back page of our manual.

I’ve got to tell you, when I start talking about our programs, I get real excited. So she first asked me about the High Impact Leaders class, and I explained to her that the class really helps people increase their self-confidence in ways that no other program can. It helps participants increase their sphere of influence by networking more effectively, build trust, resolve conflicts, influence people and motivate the next level of leaders with her organization. Most people who attend are absolutely shocked at what they can accomplish not only after attending but actually in the classroom as well!

Since she was very happy with how much her confidence had grown in Fearless Presentations, she also asked about our Public Speaking Secrets class as well. I let her know that the Public Speaking Secrets was a great way to really practice and grow the presentation skills that she had already developed in the Fearless class. In that program, we take public speaking confidence to another level by helping participants design significantly more complex presentations and to high level audiences.

I started to see her facial expression change from excited to a little confused, and she paused and thought to herself out loud, “Maybe I should come back and take this class again before trying that one.”

I smiled and let her know that a lot of people do that because graduates of the program get to come back for half the normal tuition and folks who come back tend to increase their confidence exponentially the second time.

I thought that she would get more excited about all of the different opportunities, but instead, she seemed a little overwhelmed. As she started walking back to her seat, I stopped her and asked her if I had said something wrong. She just looked at me and said, “They all sound really good, but there is no way that I could go to all of them. I’m just not sure which to choose.”

A couple of months ago, all of our instructors got together at the home office, and I let them know about what had happened in Las Vegas. Every single one of the instructors said that the same thing happened to them almost every time they teach a class. So we started to brainstorm about a way to help people get the benefits of multiple programs in a faster and easier way.

So to Sarah in Las Vegas (and all of the other folks over the years who had a similar dilema), we are very excited and proud to introduce to you The Leader’s Institute Public Speaking and Leadership Boot Camp. If you can only attend one of our program, this is the one to go to.

We’ve taken the powerful presentations skills that have made the Fearless Presentations class the world leader in public speaking programs as well as the leadership skill development that made The Leader’s Institute famous — all in one program. We just announced the first class which will be in Dallas on Feb. 25-28 a short time ago and the response has been fantastic. We still have a few seats left in the class, but we think this one is going to sell out.

In addition to the skill development, we have a couple of really exciting guest speakers. For those of you who are Dallas Cowboy fans, “Mr. Clutch” Drew Pearson is one of our guest keynotes. Since retiring from Football, Drew has built a huge marketing company and is well know as a great motivational speaker. In addition, my friend Jake Billingsley will also be speaking. For you Survivor fans, Jake was a finalist on one of the shows not too long ago, but even more interesting than that is how he got onto the show. He used publicity to build up his celebrity so that he was the natural choice when the producers were looking for a new cast member. He’s turned that experience into a great speaking career as well. But really, he’s hilarious, and you’ll learn a lot while being really entertained.

This boot camp is going to truly be an event to remember. It has great instructors, great skill development, fun guest speakers, and it is in a really cool location. We’re holding the program in the Fort Worth Hilton which was the last hotel that JFK stayed in, and it’s just a few blocks away from the Sundance Square. Sundance Square is a really nice downtown location with lots of nightlife and great restaurants and stores. And of course, it’s just a mile or so away from the Stockyards which is the home of Billy Bob’s — the World’s Largest Honky Tonk. They have a rodeo indoors every weekend. You’ll love the location.

To save a seat in the class, make sure and register quickly. Space is limited.