Individual Coaching – Quickly Boosts Your Public Speaking Skills

Certainly the first step to becoming an accomplished public speaker is to take a comprehensive class. The Leader’s Institute’s Fearless Presentations is an example. The focus is on gaining confidence and learning basic skills. Virtually all participants make dramatic increases in poise, expressiveness and audience involvement. For many people this is sufficient.

Others find that they want more professional skills. They desire to become the person at work who expresses ideas competently, persuasively and seemingly at ease. An advanced class like Public Speaking Secrets, also offered by The Leader’s Institute can move you along that path.

Still others recognize how “world class” speaking skills will enhance their careers. Having taken classroom courses, they realize the importance of individual attention. A one-on-one coaching session can allow them to polish their skills. The entire focus of the expert is on their delivery and/or preparation proficiencies. Extensive use of videotaping and critical analysis reinforces their strengths and objectively evaluates potential weaknesses.

Let me give you an example of the importance of a coach. Think of your favorite sports star. How did he/she reach the incredibly high performance level they routinely displayed in their sport? Certainly inherent skill / talent was important. In Malcom Gladwell’s book, “Outliers,” he proposes it takes 10,000 hours of practice to excel in any endeavor. But the old saw that “practice makes perfect” doesn’t hold up. If you are practicing a skill incorrectly you will never become great.

Remember that sports star I asked you to think of? Someone worked with them. Someone trained and instructed them. They worked with a coach. Excellent public speaking is a skill that requires practice. However, practicing without a coach won’t make you a “star.”

The Leader’s Institute offers you the opportunity to take your public speaking to the highest level. We have a staff or experts ready to coach you, bringing your best game to the business world. Here is a video of a client who just completed a day of coaching.

Richard Highsmith

Senior Instructor

Author: Doug Staneart, Date Published: November 18, 2010

Doug Staneart is president of The Leader's Institute ®. He is based in the Dallas, Texas Region. He is a specialist in corporate team building activities and custom presentation skills seminars.

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