The Intra Health Corporation invited the Leaders Institute on their campus to do a Build-A-Bike ® team building event at their annual conference. Peter Kariuki, Human Resources manager had gotten a recommendation from an employee who had experienced a Build-A-Bike event that the Leaders Institute did for his previous employer. The event started the when the participants began with a memory building exercise. The group was amazed how quickly their memory improved with a simple mental image association technique that is used in the team building exercises.
The group was separated into teams and tasked to come up with a team cheer which they practiced diligently, being that the winner of the contest would be awarded a 30 second head start in the bike building competition. The teams formed and organized their groups based individual strengths to perform more efficiently. The teams came up with some very creative cheers and high energy performances to outdo their competition. The groups then got started in assembling the bikes as fast as they could, utilizing effective teamwork to be the first team finished.

The event ended with children from the Boys and Girls club charity of Durham NC, who came to pick up the completed bikes at the Intra Health location in Chapel Hill NC

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent time yesterday, the team had a lot to learn from the activity and we are very thankful for that.” Peter Kariuki – Intra Health Chapel Hill, NC