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Keynote Speaker, Doug Staneart is the President and CEO of The Leaders Institute, LLC ® based in Dallas, Texas, and has been a speaker and trainer since 1994. Doug spent eight years as a trainer and a sales person for some of the largest and most successful training companies in the world before founding The Leader’s Institute® in 2002. In addition to being a popular Dallas keynote speaker, Doug is the author of the best-selling books Fearless Presentations® and 28 Ways to Influence People and Gain “Buy-In”. Since December of 2002, when Doug invented the High Impact Leaders™ class, he has trained over 2000 of the world’s future and current leaders. He’s helped over 5000 people eliminate their fear of public speaking since 2003 when he invented the Fearless Presentations® class. Doug has delivered keynote speeches and breakout session programs in over 50 cities in 45 States, six different countries, and on three different continents, and he always leaves audiences wanting more!



Doug Staneart Litterally Wrote the Book on Leadership and Communication Skills. He is the Most Entertainging and Interactive Speaker on the Circuit.

28 Ways to Influence People book cover Fearless Presentations book coverDoug Staneart Dallas Texas
“We had a wonderful time!!! Our staff had nothing but raves about the training and how fun and interactive Doug’s presentation was.” – Casey Godwin, Siletz Gaming Commission
“I received a lot of positive feedback including the fact that the program exceeded expectations for many. Thanks for a productive, fun, and memorable event!– Andrew Franceschini, Toyota Motor Sales
“The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I had a great time and really enjoyed being able to actually participate with my team rather than facilitating everything.” – Kelley Lovette, Waste Management

Doug Staneart Keynow Topics, Breakout Sessions, & Workshops

  • Action Leads to Attitude (Motivational/Inspirational)
    No offense intended to Norman Vincent Peale, but positive thinking alone never accomplished anything. The most successful people on the planet are people who are 1) confident in themselves and their abilities and 2) take a consistent effort to accomplish great things. Doug shows audiences how actions toward a goal lead to a more consistent positive attitude.
  • To Tell You the Truth… I Don’t Really Like You (Humor)
    Socrates came up with personality temperaments over 2000 years ago, but no one has ever delivered a shoot-straight presentation on how and why some people just “click” when they meet each other and other just irritate the heck out of some people.. Until now! This hilarious program gives all of the answers.
  • Building Confident Leaders (Motivational/Leadership)
    Doug weaves in his personal experience as a business owner, CEO, and manager to offer seven ways to build strong, confident leaders throughout your group. This topic is inspirational and informative to all levels of audiences.
  • Getting Past the “Short List” (Business/Sales)
    So your proposal was accepted, but now your potential client wants your team to present to their committee why they should choose you to fulfill this particular contract. Graduates of this full program average an 80% closing ratio.
  • Team FUNdamentals (Motivational/Inspirational)
    Want to build a fun and team oriented atmosphere at your organization like the ones that have made companies like Southwest Airlines and Google so famous? This program give a few simple steps that can help.
  • Fearless Presentations® (Business/Personal Development)
    Get rid of the sweaty palms and butterflies once and for all with ten quick tips that can practically eliminate stage fright and public speaking fear. Great speakers are not born. They have developed the skill to speak with confidence and poise.
  • Creating a Team Culture (Motivational/Leadership)
    Whether purposeful or not, cultures are created by the actions, habits, communication skills, and people skills of the people within that culture. Most organizations just wait for the team culture to develop on it’s own. Great organizations make a conscious effort to create a culture of teamwork.

Team Building Workshops and Other Topics

» Build-A-Bike Workshop®
» Ace Race Team Event
» Murder Mystery Team Event
» Rescue Bear Workshop®
» Ethical Conflict Resolution
» Motivating and Persuasion
» High Impact Leaders
» Public Speaking Secrets®

“Doug’s program was well thought out and done very well. My staff still talks about it to this day.” – Chris Goodwin, Exec Roadloans
“We were very impressed with Doug and his team. Everyone relayed to management that it was the most informative business seminar that we had been exposed to.” – Karen O’Kelley, Jata Health
“Doug is an exceptional instructor. This is the best program of this type that I have ever attended!” – Patrick Winstead, JT3, LLC
“Doug’s programs offer interesting new techniques and tips for people at any skill level. He was helpful and supportive and gave many opportunities for students to put the information into practice.” – Kimberly Roberts, PSR