This is a new video by Doug Staneart on how Leadership Skill Development Leads to Success.

I’ve been teaching leadership training for almost 20 years, and since I started my first coaching session, I’ve been asking groups a single question — “What are the characteristics that successful people possess that ‘less than successful people’ lack?” The interesting thing is that most people spend a majority of their formal education focusing on developing knowledge, but the characteristics that my class members have reported to me are more in line with skills and attitude, not “book knowledge”.

The things that come up most are words like positive attitude, integrity, diligence, passion, enthusiasm, charisma, work ethic, and the like. These characteristics are all “attitude”, meaning that they are in line with the way that we “think” about situations and events. Other items that come up when I ask the question are skills like communication, leadership, motivational, confident and others. These skills are the things that we “do” about situations or events. Rarely, folks will give responses with words like intelligence or knowledge which is the information that we “know” about the situations or events. When I ask that question, about 50%-60% of the responses will be attitudes, about 35%-50% of the responses will be skills, and 5% or less will be knowledge.

Most college graduates will spend up to 17 or 18 years developing knowledge, but very little time developing their skills and attitude. Many of these young people are shocked after the spend all of the time and money to achieve this degree, and then their first job offer is much lower than their counterparts who didn’t even go to college. Don’t get me wrong, though, knowledge is vital to success. In reality, it is the “ticket to get in the game,” but if your formal education stops with just developing the knowledge, your value in the marketplace is much lower than a highly-skilled person.

So if you want to improve your success, focus on developing you leadership skills, your communication habits, and work on being more persuasive and dealing with people more effectively. If you do, you can’t help but being more successful.


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