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Training for the Legal Profession. Build Your Legal Team By Building Your Community.

The legal profession is a unique, stress-filled, and highly regulated industry, and your attorneys and staff must work as a cohesive team to accomplish challenging tasks that are taken for granted in other industries. We understand this, and we have created a series of fun, highly interactive seminars and constructive team building activities that were specifically designed for the needs of your industry.  Let our team of experts design a custom event for your next meeting that builds teamwork and gives back to your community!

The Leader's Institute ® for Attorneys Specializes in Interpersonal Skills Training

We Can Help You in the Following Areas

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Leadership and Partner Development

In your firm, you can spend a lot of time and money searching for the perfect associates to staff your team, or you can grow the next generation of partners from within. The good news is that when a firm develops a culture of teamwork with a focus on the individual growth of the associates and team members, the firm becomes even more competitive in the marketplace when hiring staff and associates. The High Impact Leaders leadership development program focuses on helping your individual attorneys and staff members become skilled communicators and negotiators, self-confident public speakers, and seasoned managers in a fraction of the time that it would take via experience alone. Increase creativity, solve problems faster, and create strong, autonomous leaders throughout your firm with High Impact Leaders!

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Pre and Post-Assessments to determine strengths and measure growth.
  • Over 40 one-hour modules for easy customization
  • Free in-person consultation with an instructor
  • Up to 35 participants can be trained at one time

Perfect for

  • Succession Planning
  • Law Clerk Development
  • Team Building
  • Mergers or Acquisition of Companies/Departments
  • New Team Formations

High Impact Leaders - Leadership Training Seminars

Our Executive Director was very pleased with the training. We received good feedback from many of our employees and I have even placed the leadership card set out in reception so that everyone will see it first thing in the morning.  Everything went very well and everyone walked away with something they can use.” – Association of Legal Administrators

"The content was awesome and the instructors were captivating! Through interaction and participation, I have learned better team building, leadership, and conflict resolution qualities.– Georgia Department of Labor

"The summary of the Leadership Skills were great. I really liked that they were put onto cards so I can put them on my desk to help reinforce what I have learned." – Internal Revenue Service

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training

Fearless Presentation Public Speaking Class

The legal profession has a unique set of challenges related to presentation skills and public speaking. First, as important as great speaking skills are to lawyers and attorneys, how do we take the time to fine-tune this skill without losing billable hours? Our instructors are skilled at delivering short and impactful sessions followed by individual coaching sessions for each attorney to reduce the loss of billable hours. 

Another challenge is that many situations in the courthouse require an attorney to make highly technical or complex presentations to very non-technical people. That is why, when you are choosing a training provider to deliver presentation skills classes, you need a partner who knows your industry inside and out. Although our "off the shelf" presentation skills classes are second to none, our legal profession development team can create and deliver a highly customized solution for the specific needs of your team!

Most Popular Custom Public Speaking Class Topics for Attorneys:

  • How to Deliver Dry Content without Losing the Jury/Judge
  • Opening and Closing Statements that are Memorable
  • Condensing Your Case Down to the Most Important Items
  • Adding Showmanship to Your Delivery
  • Prepared Versus Impromptu Persuasive Speeches
  • How to Pitch a Client and Seal the Engagement
  • The Perfect Elevator Speech

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"The class was great. I really learned how to think on my feet and formulate presentations. I liked it a lot. I will be sending some of my supervisors." – Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

The instructor had a lot of experience and I was glad to get his advice on a number of public speaking topics.” – Stillman & Friedland

Convention and Event Services

Keynote Speakers: We have some very accomplished keynote speakers on our staff, but we also have an extensive speakers bureau with access to over 1000 professional athletes, coaches, business leaders, motivational speakers, and authors.

Breakout Sessions: With over 30 professional instructors and speakers on staff with specialties in various areas of business, The Leader's Institute ® for Healthcare has an almost unlimited selection of breakout session topics for your conventions or annual meetings.

Our Speaker's Tailor the Message to the Healthcare Industry

A Few Sample Topics for the Healthcare Industry:

  • Turn Stress into Enthusiasm and Energy
  • Building a Team Culture when Everyone's Out to Get You
  • Running on Empty -- How to Increase Your Energy Gas Tank
  • Unleashing the Extraordinary You --  Increasing Your Brain Power
  • Seven Key Ways to Reduce Conflict in a Stressful Environment
  • Multicultural Communication within Your Company

I have to tell you, EVERYONE has said that over a period of 16 years with Legg, this was their absolute favorite event!!  We had grown men cry when the children walked in and saw those bicycles waiting for them! Their eyes said it all!  FANTASTIC way to end  a perfect event! – Legg Mason

The event was a huge success!! The speaker was fabulous and made sure everyone was involved. She had some great pointers and was very energetic. We've already had a few other groups inquiring about your programs.

– Alberta Finance, Tax and Revenue Administration

If you are looking for a way to build camaraderie, train your staff, reward your team, or if you just want to add some energy and fun to a stuffy old meeting, our instructors can help!

Let Us Help You Make Your Next Meeting Memorable!

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