New Team Building Activities

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We have recently released a number of new team building activities that have added a lot of fun and energy to recent meetings. A few weeks ago, I had all of The Leader’s Institute ® instructors fly in to our corporate office in Dallas/Ft Worth, TX. We had an absolute blast unveiling and refining some of our new team building activities internally, and we have recently released these activities for delivery to ur customers as well. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did!

New Team Building Activities Listed in the Order of How Much Our Instructors Loved Them

  • I’m In It to Win It. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about this hilarious game show team activity based on the hit NBC show “Minute to Win It“. I was a fan of the show, and it you recall, the show had a single contestant who had to complete a series of increasingly more challenging activities in 60 seconds. I was skeptical, because I really didn’t see how that type of activity could lead to better team building. Then we realized that if we organized the group into small teams who competed against each other, the small teams began to work as a cohesive group to organize themselves and have some fun. Our instructors rated this activity number one in out of the list of new team building activities, because they absolutely had a blast when we tested it within our own group. To give you a “taste” of the type of activities that are involved, our instructors competed in a “Face the Cookie” contest. Liam Apperley competed against Ann Marie Gordon, and the goal was to place an Oreo cookie on their foreheads. They then had to move the cookie down their faces into their mouths using only facial muscles. The whole group was laughing and cheering as Ann Marie conquered the challenge in record time. A couple of weeks after the final testing of this program internally, we conducted the first activity for a client. I have included a short video for you above.