I know this is going to offend some of you in our group, but here is a forward of an email that my friend, Tom Antion, sent me this morning.  I totally agree with his conclusion…

. . . you be the judge.

Dear Doug,

I am formally and publicly withdrawing all endorsement of James
Malinchak and James Malinchak International.

I actually did this nearly two years ago when I sent James a
letter outlining the fact that I was appalled at his business
practices that are in NO WAY in alignment with mine.

To those of you diehard fans I feel sorry for you. Some things
you learn starting today and in the coming weeks I feel will be
very disappointing to you.

To those of you who have put your stellar reputations on the line
promoting James Malinchak . . . don’t feel bad. I did too for
many years and now I totally regret it. I’m suspecting you will
feel the same way if you don’t already.

To get you started on your path to discovery I suggest
you start following an extremely tough consumer advocate called
“The Salty Droid”. WARNING: This guy pulls no punches and the
language can be “R” rated.

Some examples of his writing are below:

“My research into scamming scammer scam face James Malinchak has
lasted more than a year.”

“James Malinchak is a scammer. A dark :: horrible :: lying ::
scheming :: life destroying :: money stealing :: back stabbing ::
a**hole scammer.”

“Pretending to be charitable can be profitable :: as long as your
a sociopath* willing do whatever it takes on the backend.”

*For your convenience I am including links to some plain
language profiles of a “sociopath” which the Salty Droid refers


“James Malinchak is taking vulnerable folks of massive five
figure sums. We’re talking fat stacks :: like in the $50,000 a
pop type range. In return for these wads :: customers …can
expect … well … nothing it seems like. The Droid has taken
multiple crazy reports from sympathetic five figure victims ::
nothing but shadows and dodges in return for their money.

No value :: no service :: no refunds :: no nothing.”

The comment below refers to the many references to James
Malinchak that are tied to the terms “scam” and “ripoff”

“There are also hundreds of websites devoted exclusively to the
exciting subject of how totally not a scammer James Malinchak
“. . . this kind of spam based reputation management is unethical
and/or illegal. Like :: just as a for instance :: the FTC . . . ”

“James Malinchak wants to :: and will :: take your f***ing money.
But he hasn’t thought it out much past that.”

You can read and follow the entire thread at:


I know some of you who James Malinchak has treated nicely will be
very upset with this email and with what the consumer advocate
above has to say. Please just reserve your ire and judgement
until you see all the evidence.

Much more to come.

Tom Antion


Antion & Associates

Box 9558
Virginia Beach, VA