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World Acceptance Corporation Charade Murder Mystery Columbia, Maryland

World-Acceptenharade-Murder-MysteryLaughter and more laughter! That was the atmosphere during a recent Charade Murder Mystery conducted recently for World Acceptance Corporation. Erik Brown, Vice President of Operations, introduced the event with the highest praise for The Leaders Institute® -– this was their third team building event with TLI. Six supervisors from World Acceptance had agreed to take on the roles for the Charade. They sat at a table in the middle of the room, seeming to participate in the memory challenge and the listening exercise. But something was wrong. Why was Mr. Brown following Mr. Red outside the room? Why was Mr. Green so upset? Soon Mr. Black entered and performed a long, hilarious death scene, complete with moans, groans and upending furniture.

Soon the 70+ attendees were interviewing the suspects. The supervisors improvised beautifully and red herrings filled the room.

At the end, only about 20% of the teams had named the actual murderer of Mr. Black. But it didn’t matter. There was much laughter as teams found ways to creatively implicate each of the suspects.

A supervisor who played the manipulative schemer, said, “I was a skeptic at first but I had a great time. It was really fun for everyone, and I love the way the event came together!

TLI improviser Laura Lewis-Barr led this charade at the Columbia Holiday Inn Executive Center, 2200 I70 SW, Columbia, MO 665203.

Laura-Lewis-BarrLaura Lewis-Barr is president of Traning4Breakthroughs, and she is an expert presentation skills coach based in Chicago, Illinois. She teaches team building events in Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, St Louis, and other cities in the Midwest, and works with clients all over the world.

Truman Medical Centers WIC Program does Creating a Team Culture and Charade Murder Mystery near Kansas City, Missouri


Truman Medical Centers WIC program staff gathered for an annual day of team building activities recently outside of Kansas City, Missouri. They included a Creating a Team Culture workshop and a Charade Murder Mystery activity. As the largest WIC provider in the state of Missouri, Truman Medical Centers (TMC) is currently contracted to serve 14,500 participants each month at multiple clinic locations in Blue Springs, Grandview, Independence and Kansas City. The group of 45 people that gathered for this event does all the jobs involved in running the program – supervisors and managers, nutritionists, and support staff.

Creating a Team Culture is a great half-day workshop for covering four sets of people principles that deal with communication. The group was engaged and lively as they learned the principles and did fun exercises to drive the points home. Laughter echoed through the room as people recognized common behaviors and poked gentle fun at each other.

As the group transitioned to the Charade Murder Mystery program, there was some initial confusion about what was going on. Suddenly, one of the key program managers dramatically keeled over in a “death” scene that caught everyone’s attention! It became clear that we were switching gears, and the groups around the room buzzed with excitement as they examined evidence, interviewed suspects, and did their best to solve the “crimes”.

“This was a lot of fun! Everyone had a really good time.” —Brenda Brewer, Truman Medical Centers WIC Program

The combination of a session like Creating a Team Culture that focuses more directly on communication practices coupled with a program designed as more of a game can be a great recipe for any group. If you’re looking for opportunities to engage your group in great discussions as well as have some fun together, consider including Creating a Team Culture and any one of our other team building activities in your next conference.

Ellen Patnaude

Ellen Patnaude is Vice President of Instruction for the Northeast region. She is based in Detroit, Michigan, but she also teaches in Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toronto, Baltimore and other Northeast cities.

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