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Allstate Charade Murder Mystery at Team Retreat in Bethlehem PA

Allstate Team Retreat in Bethlehem, PAThe attorneys of Allstate Insurance gathered for a team retreat in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania at the Sands Resort and Casino. The coordinating attorney was seeking a fun and different activity to the end the day and reached out to The Leader’s Institute® for suggestions. We recommended a Creating a Team Culture workshop. Hmm… is this the kind of unique event filled with fun they were anticipating? Well yeah. However, we they had us add the Charade Murder Mystery option to the workshop for extra laughs.

Attorneys Trying the Solve a Crime that They All Witnessed

Suspects in Allstate Murder Mystery Being HandcuffedI arrived on the scene and set up my PowerPoint presentation at the front of the room. I then warmed up the group with some introductions and handed out worksheets for participants to complete. While I covered the first few items on the agenda, there were several seemingly rude interruptions from the group. People were talking aloud, coughing, getting out of their seats, leaving the room… I played my part and put on my annoyed face. One of the attorneys returned to the room creating a ruckus. She then fell to the floor and was instantly pronounced dead! The Charade Murder Mystery had begun!

After I revealed my true identity (International Crime Fighter), I had the group identify the six suspects. The group decided to handcuff the suspects for everyone’s protection. The question then became, “Who Dunnit?” Details regarding a murderer, victim, conspiring individuals, illegal activities, and more started to unravel as teams examined the clues, interrogated the suspects, and began their own investigations.

Perfect Ending to Team Retreat in Bethlehem, PA

So, “Who Dunnit?” Well, if you were not there then we cannot tell. Nevertheless, one definitive fact remained; the group had that fun-filled activity they were anticipating. However, during the interrogations, they were laughing their heads off. Lots of fun! For details about a team retreat in Bethlehem or Allentown, or for a program anywhere in Pennsylvania, visit our Team Building in Philadelphia, PA page!

Michelle Riklan is president of Riklan Resources and an instructor for The Leader’s Institute® in the Northeast region. She is based in Marlboro, NJ but she also teaches in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and other Northeast cities.

US Bankruptcy Court Murder Mystery Team Building Event on The Illinois River

24 members of the US Bankruptcy Court from St. Louis met at Pere Marquette  State Park on the Illinois River near Grafton, Illinois. After a time of instruction in Team Building they were surprised to find out that they would spend the afternoon solving a murder mystery involving 6 of their co-workers. Once the crime took place the group was divided into 4 teams that took time interviewing each of the 6 suspects. Once the interviews were complete they tallied their notes and named their primary suspect with the evidence and motives. Finally the culprit was revealed. He made a break for it but was captured and arrested.

It was a fun time of interaction for everyone and even the suspects enjoyed themselves.  The Charade Murder Mystery Team Building Event is a fun and exciting event that gets people working together for a common cause. There is a lot of laughter and everyone gets a chance to participate. Those are important aspects of team building. When teams are cohesive there is a spirit that pervades the team, and that spirit is often revealed in laughter. When teams get along and are making progress there is an attitude of cooperation and tolerance that can often be demonstrated by people having a good time. So the best teams share laughter.

Another good demonstration of an effective team is when members participate. That means that each team member realizes they have a significant role to play on the team. So each member participates in the work of the team and contributes to the overall success.

Take a look at your team. Do you see a lot of laughter? Do you witness participation and valuable contributions from each member? If not, maybe it’s time to call the Leader’s Institute and plan a Charade- Murder Mystery Team Building Event for your group.

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