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Home Depot Build-A-Bike Savannah, Georgia

Hd babThe Home Depot Distribution center for the Southeastern United States was looking for a way to enhance their team network among departments, so they chose the Leaders Institute to do a team building workshop. They wanted the best of both worlds, a fun team event that would also provide some type of learning take away. Home Depot decided on Leaders Institute’s Build-A-Bike event for their annual conference, one of the most popular and unique team building events. Before the event began, one of the upper management personnel explained that he was trying to get the distribution departments to be more cohesive and communicative. Six teams were formed after a memory exercise amazed the participants how such a simple exercise doing things a little differently can significantly improve performance. The teams were then challenged to create a team name, flag and a team cheer. This is where the fun began as the teams quickly invented a team identity and practiced a team cheers that were performed. The teams were informed that the winner of the cheer contest would get a 60 second head start in the bike build competition. The teams came up and performed some very energetic and creative cheers to that entertained and surprised the whole group. After the cheer contest ended the individual groups were tasked with answering various questions that that took group delegation to solve successfully. The groups scurried up to the judges tables to turn in their answers and were awarded one bike part per correct question. Since the groups would get mixed bike parts, they found that they had to cooperate with other groups to be successful to complete their own bikes. After the bikes were completed the local Boys and Girls club of Savannah brought some very happy children to receive the bikes for a charitable donation.


Goldman Sachs holds Build-A-Bike Workshop in New Jersey

Every summer the Goldman Sachs group brings on a cadre of University and MBA graduates to join their New Analyst / New Associates Program within each of their respective business units.  The Analysts are composed of undergraduate and graduate level students from any field of study, and typically take on an Analyst position as their first full-time role in the industry.  Associates on the other hand, typically come into the program after having completed an advanced degree such as an MBA, JD, MD, or LLM.  They also have two to five years of work experience under their belt.

The Leader’s Institute was called in to help create a fun and challenging atmosphere for the future leaders within Goldman Sachs and strengthen the bonds amongst the new Analyst and Associate groups within the Investment Management Division (IMD).  The 200-person group was given very little information about the type of workshop they’d be experiencing.  Many walked into the third floor space within their Jersey City office building with wide eyes and curiosity as they saw a mountain of bicycle parts.  The group quickly caught on and figured out that they would be taking part in a Build-A-Bike Charity Team Building Event.

With much excitement and enthusiasm, the entire group was split into 30 individual teams and immediately given a challenge with the Helium Stick exercise.  After some frustration and multiple attempts to meet the objectives of the challenge, the team members eventually figured out the solution and also took home a message of leading by example rather than verbal directions.

Soon after, the participants were given numerous puzzles to obtain the parts necessary to construct their bikes.  With rapid fire intensity the teams took on their puzzles in order to achieve their objectives as quick as possible.  Eventually, they came to the realization that their success lies in team work and not individual accomplishments.  Overall, the Goldman Sachs team performed to the high standards of the workshop.  The 30 bicycles which were constructed were graciously donated to the YMCA of Newark.  15 boys and 15 girls were super-excited to receive their brand new bikes.  Coincidentally, the YMCA of Newark is celebrating 30 years in existence and they were indeed grateful to receive one bike for each year of their celebration.

Mitesh Kapadia is the Regional Instructor for the Northeast region. He is based in New York City, but he also teaches in Newark, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and all New England Cities including Boston, Providence and Hartford.

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