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Wiley Rein Fun Team Building Activity in Chevy Chase, MD

Wiley-Rein-Build-A-BikeWiley Rein is a Washington, DC-based law firm and a dominant presence in the nation’s capital. With more than 250 lawyers, the firm has earned international prominence by representing clients in complex, high-stakes regulatory, litigation, and transaction matters. A recent partner’s retreat for the government contracts practice area took place at one of the partner’s homes in Chevy Chase, MD. Prior to the event, attendees were polled to see what type of fun team building activity would be everyone’s preference. After narrowing the options down to only a few, the consensus picked a Build-A-Bike® team building program with the Leader’s Institute® and the Conference Services and Events Manager at Wiley Rein worked hard to make that happen! The atmosphere was lively and the weather cooperated. Participants arrived for barbecue and beverages. Spouses, children, and significant others also joined and some engaged in the activities as well. Our instructor, Michelle Riklan kicked off the event with a few “get-to-know-you-better” activities that had people laughing and scratching their heads a bit saying, “Hmm… I didn’t know that!”

The group was anxious to get to the bike-building and had several obstacles to overcome before they could complete their objective. Some became frustrated as they tried to figure out what needed to be done and a group even organized a hilarious (albeit misguided) scavenger hunt in the middle of the event! Eventually, it all “clicked” and each team was well on its way to building children’s bicycles.

Wiley Rein prides itself on generously giving back to the community (providing significant pro bono legal services and charitable contributions to more than 450 local and national organizations every year). The participants of the partner retreat were pleased to learn that their bike building efforts would make a significant difference in the lives of others. Lynne Downer from The National Center For Children and Families (NCCF) https://www.nccf-cares.org/ (a private, nonprofit child and family welfare agency with a commitment to serving poor, disadvantaged, abused, neglected and/or abandoned children, youth, and their families) arrived at the end of the teambuilding portion of the day to give everyone an overview of the NCCF organization and to collect the assembled bikes.

Overall, it was a FANTASTIC experience.

Michelle Riklan is president of Riklan Resources and an instructor for The Leader’s Institute® in the Northeast region. She is based in Trenton, NJ but she also can conduct a team activity in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and other Northeast cities.

Hero Quest Scavenger Hunt Team Building for Charity

This week, the last combat troops are returning from Iraq, so Merck decided to combine their annual team building event in Washington DC with a special Thank You for these returning troops. They decided to conduct a Hero Quest, which a version of our very popular scavenger hunt team building event — The Camaraderie Quest High Tech Team Building, and we had an absolute blast!

The Team met in their convention banquet hall, and they were divided into ten groups. The event planners at Merck were a blast to work with, and they decided to get each of the ten group a set of different colored sunglasses, so that when they saw each other on the scavenger hunt course, they’d know who the “enemy” was. Each group had a Camaraderie Quest Tool Kit that included a smart phone that was used to receive each task along the way, a digital camera to prove that each team had accomplish the task, a map, and an envelope full of cash to buy items for their soldiers gift boxes. Below are a few of the pictures that each team took during the event:

Scavenger Hunt Team Building

Posing with Elvis

Hero Quest Team Building for Soldiers

Historical Ford’s Theater

Team Scavenger Hunt

Hidden Fountain

Washington DC Team Building

Posing with Ben Franklin

You’ll notice in a lot of the photos that the teams are carrying bags of items. With over 100 people collecting just a little bit for each soldier gift box, we ended up with 30 gift boxes filled to the brim for soldiers still at war or returning from war. When the last box was completed, a roaring applause came from the group. We shipped of 200 lbs of gift boxes to Operation Shoebox for the soldiers. Everyone had a blast!

Creative Fun in Washington DC area Build-A-Bike

Kuoni Destination Management worked with BNY Mellon Performance and Risk Analytics to host a Leaders Institute ® Build-A-Bike ® event at the Gaylord National in Oxon Hill, Maryland. 65 participants built 12 bikes that were given to the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Maryland. It was a fun afternoon and each person had a great time of laughter with a purpose. BNY representatives came from across the country for three days of meetings, the highlight being the Build-A-Bike ® event where they could relax, let their hair down and have fun, all with a philanthropic twist that gave everyone a great feeling.

Twelve teams built bikes but realized in the end that there was one team with one goal, not 12 groups competing with each other. The purpose was to build bikes for a well-deserving charity and well-deserving children. Along the way the groups got caught up in frustrations and competition, attitudes that had to be overcome to make the event successful. Often times in corporate setting different divisions, different locations, different subgroups within the organization will act if they are competition with each other, when in reality they are on the same team working for a common cause. When members within the same company compete with each other the whole company suffers. One aspect that BNY participants realized was that it can be very important to the overall goals and god of a company to be cheerleaders for each other. This means cheering on and encouraging the success of others on your team, on other teams, and especially for those to whom make no difference to yourself.

One of the particpants expressed that it is better to be a cheerleader for others than a joysucker. A great observation. Or as is often said, “It is nice to be important, but more important to be nice.”

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