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Upcoming Presentation Skills Classes

Public speaking training is, by far, the most lucrative and rewarding type of training that a person can attend. Leaders who have great public speaking skills get promoted faster, have higher esteem from coworkers, and earn over 30% more income, on average, than people who feel public speaking fear. Want to be a fearless public […]

Free Public Speaking Tips

Free Public Speaking Tips: Eliminate Public Speaking Fear and Presentation Anxiety Tips to Ease Public Speaking Anxiety and Presentation Fear. The following is an excerpt from Chapter One of the book Fearless Presentations published by The Leader’s Institute®. In this chapter, Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader’s Institute®, reveals 10 Free Public Speaking Tips about […]

Aug 2013 Fearless Presentations Miami, Fl

The Leaders Institute ® facilitated their signature public speaking workshop in Miami Florida in August, 2013. Ten participants from various industries attended the two day workshop looking to improve their public presentation skills. The participants were attracted to the Leaders Institute’s ® Fearless Presentations ® workshop for its’ strong reputation in public speaking expertise. They […]

Fearless Presentations Charlotte, NC June 2013

The Leaders Institute ® hosted their signature Fearless Presentations ® workshop for the second time this year in Charlotte at the South park location in June 2013. The workshop that was given become a better speaker and reduce public speaking anxiety attracted a full classroom. Individuals ranged from various industries including the Continental Tire Company, […]

Fearless Presentations Raleigh, North Carolina May 2013

The Leaders Institute ® held their signature two day Fearless Presentations ® public speaking workshop at the Regency Suites in Raleigh, NC in May of 2013. The participants from various industries attended the two day workshop on the Leadership Institute’s reputation of helping people become better speakers and presenters. The beginning of the workshop started with […]

February 2013 Public Speaking Class in San Diego, California

The Leader’s Institute® conducted its public speaking class in San Diego, California with a group of presenters who gave outstanding presentations by the end of the two days. This class was held at our office at 4445 Eastgate Mall #200, San Diego, CA 92121. A number of the participants came into the class with a […]

Most Recent Fearless Presentations Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia

The group who attended the Fearless Presentations Workshop® in Atlanta learned the importance of the proper use of audience participation.  Many people try to get their audiences involved in their presentations, but end up struggling to get people to participate.  .The first mistake people make is that they ask rhetorical questions and then wait for […]

A Recent Fearless Presentations Class Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fearless Presentations® class in Minneapolis Teaches Participants How to Engage Their Audience and Enjoy Presenting. The Leader’s Institute® hosted its Fearless Presentations® class in Minneapolis, Minnesota to a great group of people who were determined to take their presentations to the next level. The class starts off with giving participants a host of tips to […]

The Fearless Presentations Class in New York-Learn to Make a Great First Impression

The participates of the Fearless Presentations ® class in New York learned that when we begin to speak,  the impression that we make in the first 7 seconds is often the way that our audience may  continue to view us as we deliver our presentation.  That’s why it very important to make a great first […]

Fearless Presentations Workshop in Chicago helps Participants with their Fear of Public Speaking

The Leaders Institute conducted another very successful Fearless Presentations® Workshop in Chicago, Illinois.  The Participants learned how to overcome their fear of speaking in public and build self-confidence in their skills they learned in class.  Some were surprised to find out that they were not alone in their anxiety.  Public Speaking is the number one […]

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