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Revera Living Build-A-Bike in Toronto, Ontario

Revera Living hosted the charitable team building event Build-A-Bike in Toronto, Ontario recently as part of a large conference. Every day, Revera helps more than 30,000 seniors and other clients to live their lives to the fullest. They offer accommodation, care and services that suit individual needs and preferences. Through retirement communities, long term care homes, U.S. nursing and rehab centers, and dedicated home health team, Revera offers choices that enable residents and clients to continue to be their best. The Executive Directors of Revera facilities from across Canada gathered for an afternoon of fun and team building.

This high-energy, fun workshop gives participants the opportunity to interact, compete and ultimately work together to solve a series of challenges. Due to our competitive human nature, there is typically some skepticism at the notion that the teams need to collaborate to solve the challenges more efficiently. But this group was accustomed to working together across lines and thinking outside of the proverbial box, and they rose to the challenge with enormous energy and enthusiasm!

By the end of the event, the group had successfully built 22 bikes while reinforcing the important lessons of teamwork, collaboration, giving back to the community, and innovation – all things that the team organizing the workshop were hoping to emphasize! The bikes were donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Peel, making 22 local boys and girls extremely happy!

“Thank you so much for leading us through the Build a Bike event! It was clearly the highlight of the conference with a 100% positive feedback rating among all those who commented to me. There was a lot of curiosity about how to get you back for other events in our organization!” — Christine Tomaselli, Revera Living

Build-A-Bike is not your ‘typical’ team building event! If your group is looking for a workshop that can reinforce the lessons related to working together more effectively while giving back to your local community, consider including Build-A-Bike in your next conference.

Ellen Patnaude

Ellen Patnaude is Vice President of Instruction for the Northeast region. She is based in Detroit, Michigan, but she also teaches in Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toronto, Baltimore and other Northeast cities.

Interested in a Team Building Event of Your Own?

Maple Leaf Foods Build-A-Bike in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Maple Leaf Foods included a Build-A-Bike team building event in their recent HR Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Maple Leaf Foods is a leading consumer packaged food company, headquartered in Toronto with operations across Canada and in the United States, United Kingdom, Asia and Mexico. Maple Leaf Mills was created in 1961 through the amalgamation of the Maple Leaf Milling Company Limited, Toronto Elevators Limited and Purity Flour Mills Limited. Its origins can be traced back over 170 years to Grantham Mills, built in 1836 in St. Catharines, Ontario. They employ over 19,500 people. The HR managers and VPs gathered for this conference came from all over Canada and a few places in the US. There were 80 participants in the event.

Build-A-Bike is a high-energy activity that uses a series of activities and exercises to get people to interact, play and compete with each other. Each exercise builds on the previous one, and teams get some gentle reminders of the importance of cheering each other’s successes, sharing information and materials, and communicating clearly. The Maple Leaf Foods team was one of the most energetic and creative groups I have ever worked with! They met all of the challenges with enthusiasm and played hard.

They donated the 12 bikes built in the event to a local chapter of the YMCA of Greater Toronto. This particular chapter serves Mississauga. The workshop’s meaning was made even stronger for the participants when the kids walked through the doors. It was hard to tell who was more excited – the kids or the participants from Maple Leaf!

“THANK YOU!!! I want to send you a huge thank you for facilitating such a wonderful and inspiring team building event last Thursday. No one has stopped talking about it. They were truly touched by being able to give the bikes to the kids.” —Robyn Flintoff, Maple Leaf Foods

Teams that play together often work harder and more effectively together. Consider including a Build-a-Bike team building workshop in your next conference as a great way to give your team that opportunity. It will create a memorable and meaningful experience for everyone.

Ellen Patnaude

Ellen Patnaude is Vice President of Instruction for the Northeast region. She is based in Detroit, Michigan, but she also teaches in Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toronto, Baltimore and other Northeast cities.

Interested in a Team Building Event of Your Own?

RBC Build-A-Bike Team Activity In Toronto, Ontario, Canada

50 emerging leaders from the Royal Banks of Canada came together in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for an afternoon of fun and team building by involving themselves in a Build-A-Bike Team Activity. The participants built 8 bikes during an afternoon of fun, laughter and even a little bit of instruction. These bright and creative individuals enjoyed the activities that culminated in 8 bicycles being donated to children from the local Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization.  The children were present at the end of the program to accept the bikes- much to surprise the bike builders. It was a great feeling when those who had participated in the event got to see the children’s faces and talk with those who were receiving the bikes. It was a very touching moment to end an afternoon of fun and learning.

Often times we get caught up in our own lives. We’re working; we have families, other activities and so many draws on our time. We forget that we also have opportunities to make a positive impact on lives around us if we will just stop and look around. Even in corporate programs it is easy to have meetings and training events, and forget the impact we can have not just within the organization, but within the community. When these special people came together it was to benefit others, not just themselves. By the Build-A-Bike® Team Building Event each individual received an opportunity to relax, have fun and make a significant contribution to children and families from the surrounding community.

Our thanks to RBC and the Big Brothers and Big Sister for a great afternoon event.

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