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Upcoming Presentation Skills Classes

Public speaking training is, by far, the most lucrative and rewarding type of training that a person can attend. Leaders who have great public speaking skills get promoted faster, have higher esteem from coworkers, and earn over 30% more income, on average, than people who feel public speaking fear. Want to be a fearless public […]

You Are the Undisputed Expert, So Now Prove It

Regardless of what industry that you are in or what expertise that you have, you first have to realize that you are the expert at something, and the knowledge that you have is valuable to someone. When I was 14 years old, my dad owned a home remodeling company, and every winter, I crawled under […]

Class for Presentation Skills can Build Self-Confidence in Other Areas as Well

Public Speaking Confidence is Seen by Others as Competence Public speaking skills or presentation skills will often lead to greater esteem from coworkers and peers, so when up-and-coming leaders and managers focus on building self-confidence in public speaking, that same confidence often spills over into other areas as well. When a person speaks with poise […]

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