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Don’t Make Yourself Obsolete!

How many times have you sat through a seemingly unending presentation that used slides, wishing you were in the dentist’s chair getting a root canal instead? Many people in the working world where slide presentations are used seem to have forgotten one of the golden rules of making a good presentation: Don’t make yourself obsolete! […]

How to Engage Your Audience From the Very Start in Presentations

Quick Presentation Skills Tip We all want to deliver presentations that will engage our audience from the moment a presentation begins, but there’s something you can do to capture your audience’s attention before the presentation even starts. Have a great title. The key to a great title is to include the result of the presentation […]

Presentation Skills Checklist

When folks go through our presentation skills classes, they are often surprised at how simple we make designing and delivering fairly complex presentations. In fact, one of the things that we cover in the Fearless Presentations class is how to design an entire presentation, from start to finish, complete with a slide deck in fifteen […]

Participants of Presentation Skills Class in Dallas Texas Deliver Concise and Compelling Presentations

Presentation skills class in Dallas, Texas November 17-18 provided a great opportunity for participants to deliver concise, compelling presentations. The Leader’s Institute® held its two-day presentation skills class in Dallas, Texas with a very energetic and enthusiastic group.  Participants were able to get rid of the fear of public speaking and deliver dynamic, engaging presentations.  By […]

YMCA of the USA includes Adding Impact to Presentations breakout session at their annual conference in Chicago, IL

I had a great time in Chicago recently with more than 60 staff from the YMCA of the USA offices from around the country as they held their annual conference, which included a breakout session workshop on Adding Impact to Presentations. The YMCA of the USA is the national organization that umbrellas the YMCA branches […]

VIDEO: Stories Make Your Presentations More Understandable

This public speaking skills video helps presenters make their presentations more understandable and easier to follow by adding stories and examples into the structure of their PowerPoint presentation or slideshow. In addition to reducing public speaking fear, stories allow the audience to better picture in their minds exactly what the presenter is trying to communicate. […]

Public Speaking Class in San Diego Helps Participants Delivers Fearless Presentations

Public Speaking Class in San Diego helps participants deliver Fearless Presentations. The Leader’s Institute® traveled to beautiful San Diego, California to conduct its Fearless Presentations public speaking class on September 20-21. Participants attended the course to overcome the fear of public speaking and to improve their presentation skills.  By working with a trained coach, each participant […]

The Leader’s Institute® Presentation Skills Class Delivers World Class Presentations in Chicago Illinois

The Leader’s Institute® conducted a presentation skills class in Chicago, IL, where participants not only improved their public speaking skills, but also delivered outstanding presentations by the end of the second day! The class is designed to reduce the nervousness that often comes with public speaking, and teach students how to design a world class presentation […]

Class for Presentation Skills can Build Self-Confidence in Other Areas as Well

Public Speaking Confidence is Seen by Others as Competence Public speaking skills or presentation skills will often lead to greater esteem from coworkers and peers, so when up-and-coming leaders and managers focus on building self-confidence in public speaking, that same confidence often spills over into other areas as well. When a person speaks with poise […]

Public Speaking Ideas – Audience Participation Adds Impact- Pt5

Public Speaking Ideas- Audience Participation Adds Impact Part Two Sound Have you ever been in a conversation, heard something and interrupted with, “What was that?” Many would say that sound is one of the most important senses we have. It allows us to listen, of course, but it also serves as an alert, or warning […]

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