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Free Presentation Tips

Free Presentation TipsBelow is a list of just a few sample free public speaking tips published by the instructors of Fearless Presentations ®. The Leader’s Institute ® website has HUNDREDS of self-help presentation tip articles that can help you eliminate stage fright and learn to write and deliver better presentations, and the articles are listed randomly below. So for a new list of public speaking skill articles, just hit the “refresh” button on your web browser, and additional articles will appear automatically.

For a list of all articles, you can always visit our Blog.

  • Public Speaking Fear
      By Doug Staneart  Public Speaking Fear? Where does stage fright come from, and how in the world do you get rid of it?  Most people who stand up in front of a group and feel the butterflies in the stomach, the sweaty palms, and the shaky hands think that they are the only ones who feel ...
  • Avoid Overuse of Animation in PowerPoint Presentations (Video)
    Free PowerPoint Tip #4: Avoid Overuse of Animation in PowerPoint Slides PowerPoint will do some really cool types of animation, but remember that if you animate something, it should help you clarify your point. Bullet points that fly in, spin around, make sounds, and blink are just a distraction from your message. For the ...
  • Music 101: The Key to Accent Reduction
    By Erin Corrigan “Without music life would be a mistake” These are the words of the famous German Philosopher Frederik Nietzsche, and as a specialist in pronunciation and Accent Reduction for non-native English speakers, I can attest to this regarding the English language. English is a musical language, as is Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, and many other languages. ...
  • Public Speaking Ideas- Audience Participation Adds Impact- Part One- Touch
     Public Speaking Ideas–  Audience Participation Adds Impact Communication has changed. My dad grew up listening to radio. The family would gather around and sit attentively as the radio broadcast news, variety shows, and serials. I grew up with television. Not only did I have something to listen to, but my eyes were involved as well. My ...
  • Presentation Tips Show Up Early to Reduce Public Speaking Fear
    Presentation tip to arrive early to reduce public speaking fear and stage fright. Visit our website for more free presentation training videos. Fearless Presentations Public Speaking Tips.   Doug Staneart is a keynote speaker from Dallas and CEO of The Leader’s Institute.  In this video, he gives public speaking tips from his Fearless Presentations class that helps ...
  • 10 Year-Old Keynote Speaker to Dallas ISD
    This 10 year-old kid is going to go far.  Very inspirational keynote speech deliivered to his teachers and administrators at a Dallas ISD convention.  You’ll love this. Posted by Doug Staneart, Keynote Speaker and author in Dallas, Texas

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