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VIDEO-Design Your Presentation Based on Your Audience

When you write a presentation or design a PowerPoint slideshow, make sure and think of your audience first. This public speaking video gives tips on how to write a speech better by considering the wants and needs of your audience first. When your audience changes, your presentation should also change. When your audience changes, your […]

Presentation Tips Show Up Early to Reduce Public Speaking Fear

Presentation tip to arrive early to reduce public speaking fear and stage fright. Visit our website for more free presentation training videos. Fearless Presentations Public Speaking Tips.   Doug Staneart is a keynote speaker from Dallas and CEO of The Leader’s Institute.  In this video, he gives public speaking tips from his Fearless Presentations class that […]

Persuasive Public Speaking (Video from Rome)

Persuasive Public Speaking.  One of the most effective ways to persuade your audience is to relay a personal story or an example that shows the benefits of your recommendation to your audience.  Religious leaders have used this technique for over 2000 years with great success.  This video explains how the persuasive public speaking technique works.  Fearless Presentations is a […]

Video-Where Does Public Speaking Fear come from?

I just finished a fantastic presentation skills class in Baden Baden, Germany, and I made a very interesting observation.  I’ve been teaching public speaking classes and presentation skills for years, and I realized a long time ago that fear comes from uncertainty about an outcome.  So, for instance, when people feel nervous about speaking in […]

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