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Free Public Speaking Tips

Free Public Speaking Tips: Eliminate Public Speaking Fear and Presentation Anxiety Tips to Ease Public Speaking Anxiety and Presentation Fear. The following is an excerpt from Chapter One of the book Fearless Presentations published by The Leader’s Institute®. In this chapter, Doug Staneart, CEO of The Leader’s Institute®, reveals 10 Free Public Speaking Tips about […]

Mar 2013 Fearless Presentations Charlotte, North Carolina

The Leaders Institute ® held their signature two day Fearless Presentations ® public speaking workshop at the Regency Suites in Charlotte, NC in March, 2013. The eager participants were looking forward to improving their public speaking skills in order to deliver more effective presentations. The group was comprised of managers and top level executives from […]

Most Recent Fearless Presentations Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia

The group who attended the Fearless Presentations Workshop® in Atlanta learned the importance of the proper use of audience participation.  Many people try to get their audiences involved in their presentations, but end up struggling to get people to participate.  .The first mistake people make is that they ask rhetorical questions and then wait for […]

Public Speaking Class Comes to Los Angeles, California

Public speaking class comes to Los Angeles, California.  The Leader’s Institute® recently held its public speaking class in Los Angeles, California.  This was an extremely varied group, with participants in the health care industry, jewelry design, well servicing, and auto manufacturing, to name a few. Because the group was so diverse, everyone was able to […]

Public Speaking Class Helps Presenters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Public speaking class helps presenters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Leader’s Institute® recently held its public speaking class in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a group of 12 very capable presenters. In this 2-day public speaking class, participants get up in front of the group to practice different activities, culminating in a final presentation at the end of […]

The Fearless Presentations Class in New York-Learn to Make a Great First Impression

The participates of the Fearless Presentations ® class in New York learned that when we begin to speak,  the impression that we make in the first 7 seconds is often the way that our audience may  continue to view us as we deliver our presentation.  That’s why it very important to make a great first […]

Participants in Public Speaking Deliver Compelling, Multilayer Presentations in San Diego, California

Public speaking class in San Diego helps participants deliver compelling, multi-layered presentations in San Diego, California. The Leader’s Institute® conducted its two-day public speaking class in San Diego on March 6-7 to an enthusiastic group of 5 participants. At first, some of the participants were reluctant to get up in front of the group and […]

Participants in Miami, Florida Fearless Presentations Class Learn the Importance of Connecting with Your Audience

Participants in the Miami, Florida Fearless Presentations® Public Speaking Class Learn the Importance of Connecting with Your Audience when delivering presentations. We had seven people attend the presentation skills class in Miami, and we focused on, not only reducing public speaking fear, but also effective ways to really connect with your audience. The connection begins […]

Participates in New York Public Speaking Workshop See How Personalities Help or Hurt Presentations

Participates of the Fearless Presentations ® New York public speaking workshop got to enjoy the fun of shopping in Manhattan, New York during the holiday season as well as strengthen their confidence in their ability to speak with confidence.  One of the Gifts that they received in the workshop was an understanding of how their […]

VIDEO: Stories Make Your Presentations More Understandable

This public speaking skills video helps presenters make their presentations more understandable and easier to follow by adding stories and examples into the structure of their PowerPoint presentation or slideshow. In addition to reducing public speaking fear, stories allow the audience to better picture in their minds exactly what the presenter is trying to communicate. […]

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