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Pfizer Rescue Bear Team Building Workshop in Montreal, Quebec

Pfizer’s Primary Care Unit Marketing Team in Canada included a Rescue Bear®team building workshop in their annual conference in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. This is the one time per year when the whole team comes together from across the country. Since 1849, Pfizer has been dedicated to developing innovative medications to prevent and treat diseases. Pfizer Canada is a healthcare company that’s dedicated to helping Canadians and animals live healthier lives. This event brought together 60 marketing team members from across Canada.
Rescue Bear team building® is a workshop that is designed to help people see the importance of matching a person with the right talent for the right role within the company.  It helps participants identify the strengths of themselves and others and rely on those strengths when under pressure.  It shows how/why “Silos” are created and how to deal with the “Silo” effect more effectively. At the end of the workshop, the stuffed animals that are put together and dressed in various fire and rescue uniforms are donated to a local organization that helps kids. In this case, the donation was given to the Starlight Foundation, which was founded in 1989 to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families from coast to coast. They will use the stuffed animals with those children to provide them with a small comfort in the midst of trauma.

The Pfizer group rose to the challenges and had a good time challenging each other about getting out of their comfort zones and “silos” to create a true group effort. Natural human tendencies can cause us to resist collaborating together and helping one another succeed, but this group got the message and working beautifully together.

“This was a great event! The way that Ellen tied in the message that we were reinforcing of attitudes versus personality was perfect. Well done!”Nancy DiMatteo, Pfizer

Rescue Bear is a great way to reinforce some of the important themes of working as a team and matching the right talents for the job, all while giving your team the opportunity to play together. And the philanthropic component of the event is sure to put it all into perspective. This team activity is a great way to have fun with your team, learn something important about how your team works together, and help kids who have been through a tragedy!

Targray Technology International includes Build-A-Bike ® team building workshop in recent conference in Montreal, Quebec

Targray Technology recently held their annual conference in Montreal, Quebec and included a Build-A-Bike team building workshop as a way to give back to their community and have some fun together! Founded in 1989, Targray is a rapidly growing supplier of materials to the Solar and Optical Media industries. They have global operations in more than 50 countries across three continents. This group consisted of more than 65 sales and product managers from around the globe. They were gathered together for their annual week long conference, and wanted to conclude the week with some fun that had meaning.

Build-A-Bike is a great way for a group to have fun together, reinforce important team building lessons, and give back to the community. The event consists of a series of puzzles and team activities that challenge the participants to think outside of their boxes. While this group has done a lot of team building events together, they were still highly challenged by the event’s activities, and had a great time together!

Targray Technology has had a long-standing partnership with a local organization called LaCourt House that works with kids in one of the poorest areas of Montreal. Many of Targray’s employees work with this organization regularly, donating their time and resources. That connection made the donation of 10 bikes even more meaningful for the group, and for the organization! There were not many dry eyes when the representatives and kids came through the doors.

“This event was just great! We have done a lot of team building activities together, but this was one of the best ever. And being able to donate the bikes to an organization that so many of us individually support was really powerful. Thank you, Ellen and The Leader’s Institute!”Karen Walker, Targray Technology International

Team building events are plentiful, but few can compare to Build-A-Bike. If you’re looking to give your team a unique experience that reinforces good communication and collaboration, as well as the importance of philanthropy, consider including it in your next conference.

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