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Trident Seafoods Holds Build-A-Bike in Seattle, Washington.

When Trident Seafoods, one of the largest seafood companies in North America based in Seattle, Washington wanted to host an event to bring a close to their annual sales meeting, they decided to participate in a Build-A-Bike ® team building event. Over sixty employees of Trident’s sales department gathered together to participate in an event that would help them build a stronger team and improve their communication. The group was mainly from the local area with a few people from Canada and Mexico so the opportunity to be with each other face to face was that much more beneficial. Trident employees bring the highest level of quality to what they do and it shows in the long success of their company. It is through meetings like this that helps them build a stronger team.

They started off earnestly to complete the tasks to build their bikes. While the Build-A-Bike ® team building event is not designed to be a competition the Trident participants still thought they had something to win. They ripped through the challenges very quickly then worked on constructing their bikes. As usual, they realized about half way through that they would not be able to complete the bikes without working together. The idea that the teams are separate entities and must operate like that is a common trap that the participants fall into. Eventually they overcame the idea that they could do it by themselves and helped their opposing teams to complete the challenges. The bikes were built with the same high level of quality that the trident group brings to every thing they do.

While the event lasted only two hours, the teams came away with valuable lessons about teamwork and working together to give back to the community. Their hard work was paid off when they presented ten brand new bikes to children from the Boys and Girls Club of King County. Seeing the faces of the boys and girls with their new bikes was all they needed to know that their hard work was worth it all. By the end of the event the participants were wiping their tears of joy away and thanking me profusely for the opportunity. Thank you to Trident’s sales department for a very rewarding Build-A-Bike ® team building event!

Amcor in Roanoke, Virginia Built Some Bikes, Strengthened Their Team & Made 18 Kids Smile

A team from Amcor in Roanoke, Virginia builds bicycles in a team building event in Wyethville, VI. Amcor – maker of many things plastic, like those easy to grip Gatorade bottles, halted production lines to build some bikes for area kids, and learn how to be a stronger team.

Folks at Amcor are thankful that in this economy they have jobs, and today they gave back to the community where they all live. It is a rural area, where a deer, or a wild turkey, is just as likely to cross the road as a car, where everyone pretty much knows everyone else, and they care about each other. Like many areas, the economy has not been kind to everyone. For kids it is hard to understand why they can’t have what other kids have, and today Amcor tried to even the odds. As part of a team building day they chose the Leader’s Institute’s Build-A-Bike program to learn a little, get out the wrenches, and build some bikes, for kids who had none.

Along the way, they learned a little more about each other, some of it surprising, some of it – just a lot of fun. Yes, there was a little competition, but by the conclusion, they were in total agreement about one thing – the result – bikes for kids, made them all winners. They met the kids.  (All a bit shy, but happy.)  They taught some how to ride, and then invited them to a home cooked meal. Sweet potatoes, deep-fried turkey – the works. After the kids and their families ate, the bike builders sat down and broke bread together. Oh, did I tell you it was in honor of Thanksgiving and Wyetheville is just a long hop from Roanoke, Virginia where many of their forefathers broke some land and created their new lives, after a long voyage from the old country. In those days, you can bet any turkey they ate was one of the wild ones, and this group is thankful for their ancestors’ sacrifice.

By Connie Timpson/Sr. Instructor/Performance Coach/The Leader’s Institute, who teaches team building events in the greater Washington DC area.

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