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How to Organize a Team Building Activity

Whether you are a manager, executive, or small business owner, you want to have a cohesive team. But what exactly is team building, and how do you organize a team building activity. The answers two those two questions are not as simple as you might think, though. Team building means different things in different circumstances. […]

Experiential Learning is Team Building

People don’t learn by hearing. They learn by doing. Experiential Learning is the process where participants learn information, and then they immediately put that information into practice. The best type of experiential learning occurs when the participants are active and having fun. In addition, if the content is delivered to a group of people, they […]

Behavioral Change Team Building

Sometime, when company leaders are looking for a “team building” activity, they are actually looking for a form of behavioral change. Team building, as a term, is confusing, because it can mean anything from a dinner out, to a charity activity, to real training and development. However, if you are having organizational challenges or personality […]

In Between Meetings, Try Fun Team Outings

We often have our clients ask us about what to do in between annual meetings and retreats to reinforce that team culture that they have created. We are big believers in fun, team outings. The good news is that these are fairly easy to organize, somewhat inexpensive, and will give you a fantastic return on […]

Instructions for Build-A-Bike Team Building Activity

Since we created the Build-A-Bike ® team building activity in 2005, we have received thousands of requests to post the instructions for Build-A-Bike ® team building activity online. We’ve always been a little hesitant to post the instructions, because we have spent over a decade creating a brand that the public recognizes as a quality […]

Five Ways to Add Fun and Energy to Your Meeting or Convention

Are you staring another boring convention in the face? Below are five ways to add fun and energy to your meeting or annual convention. Have you been drafted to organize your next team meeting or convention? As the event organizer, you have both a fantastic opportunity and a potential mine field. So, we organized these […]

A Few Team Building Ideas that Cost Nothing (Or Very Little)

Thousands of people come to our website every day looking for new team building ideas. In fact, the term team building has a number of different definitions. This term means a lot of different things to different people. Companies often have our instructors help them with annual conventions and meetings, because they are looking for […]

Why Team Building is Important after a Merger or Acquisition

By Michelle Riklan Mergers and acquisitions can be exciting opportunities for companies to come together under a united sense of purpose and vision. Team building is also important after a merger or acquisition. Mergers can breed jealously and distrust. In fact, employees with an “us-versus-them” mentality will produce harmful effects and poor performance. What is […]

Team building works, even when the group doesn’t work together

Most people think of team building activities for groups of people that do the same job and work together. Often they don’t work together in the same physical space, but they are usually part of the same division or have the same basic job description. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Team building […]

Why Virtual Teams Need Face Time and Team Building

Virtual teams need team building to unite and build a team culture just as much as – if not more than – teams who work in the same office. PJ’s, fuzzy slippers, a phone, and computer are cozy and offer a flexible schedule. That is all good, but does your virtual team feel “part of the […]

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