Creating a Team Culture

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Creating a Team Culture
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Creating a Team Culture

High Energy Classroom Team Building: Want to build trust and respect among your co-workers and managers? The Creating a Team Culture workshop can help your group identify characteristics that lead to better teamwork. The workshop helps your group build more of a team atmosphere and learn how and why people act “that way”. Ultimately, it shows team members how to deal more effectively with each other. Fun classroom team building is a fantastic way to generate a “behavior change” and build teamwork in a group of coworkers. People learn faster when they are having fun!

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by Kathy Dorminey on Creating a Team Culture

We truly enjoyed this dynamic training. We were engaged and interested in the... See More

by Elaine Karp on Creating a Team Culture

Thank you for a great event! The team loved it!

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Fun Classroom Team Building to Build a Team Culture

  • Have fun while building camaraderie and rapport.
  • Open up lines of communication.
  • Identify easy ways to disagree agreeably and resolve conflicts.
  • Improve efficiency and teamwork.
  • Build confidence in team members.

Customize a Specific Solution for Your Group’s Specific Needs

Creating a Team CultureThe Creating a Team Culture teambuilding seminar is composed of one-hour modules. It can be customized to fit any time-frame and can easily be tailored to the specific needs of your group. Individual classroom team building modules are perfect for breakout sessions as well. If you want to teach or reinforce personality temperament training, an alternative version of this program called Personality Traits that Influence Behavior is also available. One of our instructors can help you quickly and easily customize a program for your group.

Sample Agenda:

  • Personality TemperamentsIntroduction: How is a Culture Created?
  • 7 Ways to Build Trust & Respect.
  • Improving Communication and Listening.
  • 7 Ways to Resolve Conflicts.
  • Pointing Out Mistakes Indirectly.
  • 7 Ways to Gain Cooperation.
  • Anchoring Positive Behavior.
  • 7 Ways to Build Leaders who Inspire Teamwork.

Alternate Modules for Creating a Team Culture:

  • Team FundamentalsA Three-Step Process to Persuade Individuals and Groups
  • Improve Your Memory 10-Fold in Minutes.
  • 10 Ways to Eliminate Presentation Fear.
  • Leading Powerful Meetings.
  • Problem Solving Made Easy.
  • How to Remember Names.
  • Adding Energy and Enthusiasm to Projects.
  • Gain a Consensus.
  • Thinking and Speaking Under Pressure.
  • Personality Temperaments.
  • Adding Fun to Tough Jobs.

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