Locked Out-Outdoor Escape Room

Locked Out Reverse Escape Room

Reverse Escape Room

Locked Out, is a “reverse escape room” where participants are trying to get into the room. This is a fun, new way to experience an escape room-like activity. Instead of your team having to compete to get OUT of a locked room… Your team is actually trying to get BACK IN.

Outdoor Escape Room without Outdoor Challenges

Vintage Escape Room LockA common request from convention or annual meeting participants is that they often want to do something outside. However, outside team building activities have a lot of built-in obstacles. If the event is even just somewhat physical and the temperature outside is either just a few degrees above or a few degrees below room temperature, you will likely get complaints. You also need a alternative in case it rains. We designed this outdoor escape room as a great way to overcome these problems. First, the event is a mentally challenging, not physically challenging, so even team members with physical limitations can participate. Second, if there is a change in the weather, teams can actually participate in this activity in an indoor foyer or even a hotel lobby. The program is easy to setup, and easy to deliver.

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