Team Treasure Hunts

Team Treasure HuntsOne of the first team building activities ever invented was the ole’ team scavenger hunt. However, technology in the world today and a little creativity have made these team treasure hunts very trendy again. Over a decade ago, we began offering custom team treasure hunts that were made specifically for each new group. Back then, we gave each competing team a “kit” that contained a digital camera and an envelope with a list of challenges to accomplish on each quest. A few years later, Smartphones replaced the envelope of challenges. However, the big breakthrough in this genre came from the iPhone.

Today, there’s an App for That. In the modern team treasure hunt, each team gets a iPad. Since all of the hunts are digital, now, the options are endless. We’ve conducted these modern day treasure hunts in downtown areas, historical districts, city parks, museums, and even theme parks.

Great Advantages of Team Treasure Hunts (and a Big Warning).