The Art of Persuasion
More Effective Than “Pushing” or “Demanding”

Just do it!      Don’t Leave Home Without It!    You’re In Good Hands

Be The First To Know

Slogans like these play on emotions that prompt us to buy. The advertising world has perfected the art of persuading us to believe in products, to try things, or as in the case of CNN, feel left out if we do not listen to their news. The same holds true when it comes to persuading colleagues or clients to accept your point of view, adopt necessary changes, or buy a product. We human beings want to be “in” or “included” never “left out.”

Persuasion is buying into the “emotion” or “feeling” behind the product or thought. Advertising is packaged in lively video, dramatic pictures, and audio that pulls you in. It tells a story, and is then reinforced with a slogan that you will likely remember.

At work, you make difficult decisions, wrestle with processes and want colleagues to see things your way. If people argue in meetings, it splits the room into emotional camps. Battle lines are drawn, blood pressure shoots up, voices get harsher, louder and in the end you have a fractured process that prevents people from finding a solution, or reaching agreement.

Aha….but what if you are able to persuade the people in the meeting rather than argue with them? Take a tip from the ad world – draw them in, tell them a story that will help them agree on a concept without feeling strong-armed, pushed, or pressured by a demand.

The Leader’s Institute can teach you how to turn “challenges” into “persuasive opportunities” with a very simple, but powerful structure called IAB.

§ Incident – tell them a story that makes a point or has a moral.

§ Action – Tell them how following the advice of the story would benefit them.

§ Benefit – They will walk out of the room feeling persuaded, rather than clobbered by a position.

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