The Fearless Presentations Class in New York-Learn to Make a Great First Impression

The participates of the Fearless Presentations ® class in New York learned that when we begin to speak, Fearless Presentations class in New York the impression that we make in the first 7 seconds is often the way that our audience may  continue to view us as we deliver our presentation.  That’s why it very important to make a great first impression when we first start our speech.  We have all heard that it’s important to stand straight, smile, and make good eye contact, but it equally important to show energy and enthusiasm for your topic when you speak.  If you don’t show an audience that you are excited to be presenting your topic to them in the first few sentences, they may lose interest and not pay attention to what you have to say.  If you can’t be excited about your topic, then why should your audience be even the slightest bit interested in what you have to say?  So the next time that you speak, remember to also focus on your excitement and enthusiasm.  That will make a great first impression that will carry forward throughout your presentation.  To learn more about how to become an effective speaker sign up for one off the Fearless Presentations ® Class in New York or a city close to you.

For a Complete List of Upcoming Classes, Visit the upcoming presentation skills classes post. You can can click here for details about the Fearless Presentations ® class.

Author: Rob Jackson, Date Published: May 17, 2012

Rob Jackson was a paid contributor to this blog from 2011-2013. For more details, you can find him on LinkedIn.

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