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Leading a Virtual Team-

Then Need for Remote Work

With the Covid-19 crisis of 2020, many companies have had to adjust to managing remote teams on the fly. For the first 15 years that The Leaders Institute ® existed, we operated entirely remotely. In fact, we went through the opposite of what companies in early 2020 went through. We had to adjust our company culture from going from a virtual company to an office environment.Of course, we had a couple of years to master the change. So, when the virus epidemic hit, and we had to start working remotely, we had a distinct advantage over our competitors. In this course, you will learn how to set up a virtual team and run it smoothly

How to Lead Your Team Remotely

Moving to Virtual Teams

Many companies are having to move to virtual teams and some are even experiencing that they are more productive being a virtual team. Leading a virtual team has its challenges but it also has a lot of benefits. In this course we will outline how to communicate, keep track of projects, boost morale, and be productive as a virtual team.

How to Lead Your Team Remotely

Leading a Virtual Team: How to Lead Your Team Remotely

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 Assigning and Tracking Projects

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