Verizon Wireless, a large national wireless provider in the U.S. who has used the Leaders Institute in the past for successful team building wanted a new team event for their 2013 conference in Charleston South Carolina .Teresa Migliorino and Jason Wheelock of Verizon chose to do the Rescue Bear team building event that would present different team challenges to the group with a charity component. The group of 200 participants was comprised of sales trainers, marketing managers and customer service personnel. The objective was to get the different departments to be able to cooperate and communicate more efficiently through a fun team building exercise. The participants entered the large conference room with energy at the start of the event and were then introduced to a memory building exercise that helped them remember a formula to use in networking situations. They were amazed how their memory increased in just a few minutes! The participants were then divided into 20 groups and given envelopes with various categories that represented four personality temperaments. The groups were tasked to organize the categories according to a specific four personality temperaments. The envelopes contained questions that the groups would have to solve. The object was to have specific individuals in the group solve the categories that matched their personality. You could see the groups working feverishly to solve the questions in order to exchange the correct answer for parts needed to complete the stuffed animals that would eventually would be given to the Charleston Fire Fighters at the end of the event. It was interesting to watch the participants as they had to use team cooperation in their individuals groups as well as the competing groups to complete the scuffed animals. After the 100 animals were completed, Chief O’Donald from the Charleston SC Fire Fighters and his crew were presented with the animals that are given to children after an accident or the event that their house would be damaged by fire. So if you are looking for a fun team building event that builds team cooperation with a charity component, The Leaders Institute has many team building events to suit your needs.