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In the early 1700s, Privateers were hired by England, France, and Spain to plunder merchant ships delivering goods to rival colonies in the new world. After peace treaties were signed, some of these marauders continued their raiding for their own personal benefit. One of these scoundrels was very successful. That is until a fleet of frigates sunk his ship. Legends say, though, the sinking of his ship was a false flag to cover up his escape.

In Poseidon’s Plunder, your team will attempt to retrace the trips of this pirate. The more that you discover along the way, the closer you get to reclaim the lost treasure!

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Here Are a Few Guidelines that May Help You on Your Journey.

  • If you are logged in on a phone or tablet, you may find it difficult to access the puzzles. We encourage you to join the meeting on a laptop or computer for the best results.
  • You will be organized into teams by breakout rooms which will include the entire complement of your ship’s crew.
  • Every ship needs a captain. Choose a single person in your group to “Share His/Her Screen” so everyone is working together on the same challenge.
  • All the clues you need to find the treasure are within the puzzles. However, using the internet for help may be beneficial. For instance, if you acquire a set of coordinates, you might try inserting those coordinates into Google Maps (satellite view is even more helpful.)
  • Once you find the treasure you can return to port by just leaving your breakout room. The first team back is the winner.

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